Community Engagement Program

I am part of other Discord games that create mini-contests and fun community engagement programs. For example they do a system of quests where you earn XP by completing actions. The more you rank up on the leaderboard, the more prizes you can earn. I think it would be great to have a similar system in F1 Manager. It could bring more engagement inside the community, and more players in the game. Also I would like to help and get prizes for free. For example this game did some Quests here:

Honestly, I am willing to volunteer to create the quests myself. I find it fun to create the quests, and I've already created a small sample on Notion.

What do you think?

A quest around the number 1952 could be:
  • Description:
    • "As a newly appointed team manager in the high-stakes world of F1® Manager 2023, you receive a mysterious envelope marked with the emblem of a legendary F1® constructor. Inside, lies a riddle leading to a hidden blueprint of a revolutionary car design, lost in the annals of Formula 1® history. Your first challenge is to decipher the riddle and unlock the secret of this legendary blueprint.
      Riddle: 'At the heart of speed, where horses rest, and legends are born, find the number that ruled the course in 1952. This number, once found, is the key to unleashing potential untold.'"
  • How to Complete:
    • Players must research or know Formula 1® history to find out the significant number from the 1952 season (Hint: It could be a winning car's number, a legendary driver's record, etc.).
    • Players will then submit this number in the provided text field.
How should we proceed to move forward? Should I sync with a community manager? Should I create a mini-strategy?
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