Elite Dangerous: Horizons & Odyssey Update 16/12/2021 Notes

Hoping the behavior of the limpets just got forgotten to be put in the notes.

do they still kinda break after a while like some people were reporting ? has the behavior been tweaked so that when mining for instance, you dont have to exceed the range of a prospector to launch another prospector if you've got a full deployment of collectors taking up the rest of the active slots? stuff like that?

Sounded like they were dead on arrival for mining just from that limpet behavior, without even considering the mass issue.
Thank you, but I'm afraid I have to inform you that the settlement loading freezes/hitches that were fixed in Update 8 (I believe due to further navmesh optimisations) have returned for me in Update 9. A lot of settlement layouts now take up to two minutes or more before the lags disappear and the NPCs finally start moving around. Additionally, the performance in abandoned settlements (no NPCs present) has also taken a turn for the worse.
Greetings Commanders,

Thank you for all your feedback and reports following the latest update. We've been carefully reviewing all the details you've shared with us and our developers have been hard at work working on resolving the critical issues raised. Please find below the breakdown of fixes deployed in today’s updates for Odyssey and Horizons (All platforms).
Hi Paul,

first of all, thanks for the heads-up.

BUT - any news when the buggy bio-sampling might get fixed?
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