Game not shutting down after exit

So 1 in 3 times I play ED Odyssey upon exit ,the game executable will saty running and can only be closed from task manager, I have validated game files and it still does this,this has only been since the last update, is anyone else having this issue ?
Sometimes it can take a while to release all the memory. If it's still losing memory in Task Manager I just leave it; haven't had it actually fail to close for a while now.
The Thursday morning pre maintenance hangs are certainly still a thing. It happened to me this morning. The game hangs when you try to exit the game after the first broadcast for upcoming maintenance has gone out. This affects both platforms and is not limited to Thurs AM maintenance. It is very consistent. Looking at CPU usage, the game client is using significant CPU when in the hung state. I do not see this hang in other situations.

This morningI had two PCs in game, on in PC/Horizons and the other in PC/odyssey. I had just performed a fuel rescue on the Horizons PC and the Ody PC just had a ship sitting on my carrier waiting for an Odyssey case. I ran out of time to accept a new case and went to exit both games, this ws just after the first broadcast had gone out, and both games hung, requiring the tasks to be killed manually.
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