Help me decipher this system map.

I can't make head or tails of this system map. What is orbiting what?

The system map always shows the heaviest stellar body at the top.
Or at least it used to. I've been through a few ternary systems (in deep space with no carriers about) where the star order displayed was
| \-C
Presumably just the ones where the combined mass of B+C makes the B-C barycentre heavier than the A star. Could be a change in the recent update since I don't remember noticing it any other time.

In the case of the system map it looks like it has got very confused by having a non-star object barycentric with the primary star [1] (in Legacy, it's orbiting the A-(BC) barycentre) and that breaks everything.

[1] Elite Dangerous convention is that a top-level star can't be barycentric with anything other than a star, presumably to keep the Sol system displaying in a reasonably conventional fashion as the Sol-Jupiter barycentre is not within the surface of the sun. Or at least, that was the convention...
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