Less gamey...

How about, when I drop into rings in a populated system, I don't have a 100%-guaranteed pop-up "pirate scenario" triggered. As if other ships just happen to be hanging around right there.

How about, when WANTED npc ships are flying around in supercruise as general traffic, they do more than just fly aimlessly from A to B. These days, they rarely seem to react to my presence, or to the presence of other potential npc targets.

How about making LOW security systems feel notably more risky than MED, which should feel notably more risky than HIGH security systems... so I should feel inclined to check the sec level before jumping?
Nope, I would argue that you seem to be missing what is implemented and clear as day. You are not the first to do so, and probably will not be the last. ED is not unique in regards to this unreasonable type of critique.
Well, there you have it, over and out o7
First radar contact in system (visible as you jump in) BH or mission pirate
On drop, NPC drops at the exact same time, each time.
On dropping from interdicting another victim, instant (simultaneous, no delay) drop in of BH / pirate along with target- this is totally different to sec ships and ATR who drop away from you / scene of crime
Predictable loadouts of ships
No variety in wings
Name / HP not fixed / regenerate
Limited NPC responses
Generic responses (that don't fit any context of what you are doing, or NPC loadouts- example miner text on non miner NPC)
NPC encounters limited to each instance (little cohesion between encounters)
No variety in encounters (few wrinkles)
Outside of rep, little repercussions for actions

I can go on and on with how lifeless and mechanical missions are- the biggest problem to me is that NPCs are reactive and not proactive enough. Even if NPCs had more context aware radio chatter it would add a lot.
Pretty much sums it up.
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