October Monthly Catch-Up!

Lydiah Moon

Community Manager
Hey Planco Fam!

We're ready for another monthly catch-up! Let's rewind time and showcase some of the amazing builds you all shared with us in the month of October.

Community Creations
As always we had some fantastic builds shared with the community at the steam workshop. Shall we dive straight in?

download (40).jpg

We had an absolutely grand time at Opere Huus by Batch. Come along and enjoy the music and experience all that's hidden in this build.

2857690764_preview_Image 100-1 (2).jpg

Sit back, relax and enjoy all that nature has to offer at Wisteria - The Butterflyhouse coaster by Anigmandra. Here also lies a wild mouse coaster which will take you on a journey around the mystical house.


Explore the fabled legend of the lost empire. Once lost to the sea ATLANTIS Overpower Skin by Charlie brings back to life the island we thought we had forgotten.

download (39).jpg

Of course we can't round up October without a Halloween build to send off the spooky month! RauLand: HALLOWEEN EDITON by losky04 fits the bill perfectly for this fun season.

That's it for this month! What community creations did you find in October that you loved? Share them with us down below!

As always, take care and see you next month! 💙
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