Stranded: Alien Dawn Developer Journal – Survivor Tools

Jens Erik

Senior Community Manager
Hello Survivors!

The new free Jungle Update is just around the corner!

We're here with a new developer journal, featuring our friends over at Haemimont Games, to talk about the new survivor tools and how your survivors use them.

Let's dive right in:

Hello! We are absolutely thrilled to have you here with us. Could you please introduce yourself to everyone reading?
Greetings, fellow adventurers! I am Ivan Grozev, the lead game designer of Stranded: Alien Dawn.

The new Survivor Tools are a valuable addition to Stranded: Alien Dawn - could you briefly talk about what they are and how they work?
These small handy gadgets are crafted and equipped by the survivors and come in various forms. Some, like the Good Luck Charm, provide passive bonuses, while others, such as the EM Umbrella and Grenades, have active effects that can be triggered by players.

What made you decide to add these new Survivor Tools, and the Tools equipment slot?
We wanted to take the survivors' equipment to the next level and explore the vast potential of tools in the survival genre. It was a natural progression to introduce tools as items and create a dedicated equipment slot for them.

How many tools can someone carry?
Survivors can only carry one tool at a time. Choosing the right tool for each situation adds an exciting layer of complexity to the game. It's like deciding between bringing a Swiss Army Knife or a portable black hole—maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea.


There are a lot of Survivor Tools to choose from for players! Was it difficult deciding on which tools you were going to add in this update?
Selecting the tools for this update was indeed challenging. We had to carefully consider how they would integrate with existing game features. For instance, we wanted tools that could counter weather disasters, such as the Respirator Mask for protection against Toxic Ash and Dust Storms. We also aimed to fulfil player desires, like adding manually-triggered weapons for increased player control in combat.

Through researching Toolsmithing, you can unlock the Survival Kit, Harvesting Tools, and a Good Luck Charm. Could you talk a bit about how the survivors use these tools?
Certainly! Toolsmithing is a new tech that allows survivors to craft basic tools on workbenches. As their knowledge expands, they can unlock more advanced tools by obtaining the necessary ingredients.

The Survival Kit includes Emergency Rations and a portable bedroll. When equipped, it enables survivors to satisfy their needs while away from the camp, without having to return.
The Harvesting Tools increase the speed of mining, cutting, and harvesting actions.

Finally, the Good Luck Charm provides a permanent happiness boost to its carrier, which is especially useful for isolated survivors.

There's a new Respirator Mask being added to the game, which offers protection against Toxic Ash and Dust Storms - what made you decide to add this to the game?
We felt that players needed more control over the negative effects of disasters.

The Respirator Mask grants survivors the ability to venture outside during Toxic Ash and Dust Storms without suffering adverse health conditions and lowered happiness. However, while wearing the mask, they won't be able to use any other tool, striking a balance between safety and utility.

Similarly, you will now have the ability to produce EM Umbrellas, which are pocket force-field generators that repulse water droplets while keeping survivors dry in the rain. This is my most favourite tool, as we made a nice FX that communicates well when it’s used.


Signal Flares will let survivors see at night - are there other Survivor Tools to help them see better at night?
Signal Flares are throwable light-emitting rods that illuminate dark areas. They assist in combat by improving everyone’s visibility and allowing better aim.

Additionally, we're introducing Night-Vision Goggles as another tool in this update. These goggles enable survivors to shoot accurately at night, ensuring they don't miss their targets in the darkness.

Last, but certainly not least, you're adding throwable Grenades - what should players watch out for if they decide to deploy someone equipped with grenades?
Ah, the explosive addition to our arsenal! When players equip someone with grenades, they should exercise caution and avoid using them all at once. Grenades have a limited number of uses and can be thrown upon player command. They deal significant damage in a semi-wide area and even stun enemies, making them ideal for crowd control.

Remember, in the challenging world of Stranded: Alien Dawn, the right tools can make all the difference between triumph and defeat. Choose wisely and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances as you strive to overcome the alien menace!
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