Stranded: Alien Dawn FAQ (Updated 24/08)

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Are you new here? Here's a list of frequently asked community questions to help get up to speed on all things Stranded: Alien Dawn. If you don’t see a question here, it may be that we’re unable to answer it at this time.

What is Stranded: Alien Dawn?
Stranded: Alien Dawn is a new planet survival game where you will have to build and manage a camp of survivors who have crash landed on a beautiful, but dangerous, alien world.

Who's the developer?
The game is being developed by Haemimont Games, the studio behind Tropico 3-5 and Surviving Mars, and published by Frontier Foundry.

When is it coming out?
Stranded: Alien Dawn lands in Early Access via Steam in October, 2022. We'll have more details about the release date later on.

How long to you plan for the game to be in Early Access?
We're planning for Early Access to last around 6 months. We'll share any and all updates here on Discord, or on our social channels.

How can I give you feedback during Early Access?
We'll open up feedback channels on our forums and on Steam, or you can share it on the game's Discord or to the social channels:
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