Update plans?

Would the devs like to share any plans for the next update? I find the vomitting and the fact that fridges don't automatically get marked for repair to be pretty bothersome.
A game perfectly suited for multiplayer or local network would be ideal. The game options indicate these possibilities. It would be useful to trade between players on the network (open international market for trading with the use of the 499 FTL) or the option of hiring employees, etc. The game has a lot of potential. Especially since I moved from another game with similar content.

Some kind of transportation would be useful to move resources from a remote part of the map. On foot, it's a bit annoying when we need material lying away from the base. The character walks over to the resource and turns around halfway because he is going to eat or sleep. After the raw material is extracted, these materials do not go to the warehouse quickly, employees with other responsibilities transport them only when they are free. Or they transport only within the base. Hence the proposal to create a light robot that would operate a wheelbarrow. Or prioritizing the transport of resources to the base. Many thousands of mined carbon pipes are piled up on the farm by a candle, which is a bit cumbersome to transport.

And fix This Autosave and . ;)
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