What game are we all playing instead of E:D?

EDIT: So I'm bored of E:D after playing less hours of it then almost any other game I've bought in the last two years. I find myself going back to older games and reliving the excitements.

So what are ya'll playing to hold you over? What are you waiting for that will bring you back to E:D?

Me: Coh2, Sim city 5, a little bf4 and some Heroes and Generals
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I tried that game. never could beat it.
Picked up an awful game after that called "A job".
Absolutely horrid game. I do not recommend it.

I got the sequel. They made "college" and "job" the same thing and streamlined everything. It's a pretty big improvement, but the papers mission is not a much heavier grind - you have to do each one 60 times more than previously for the same XP
love how someone talks for all

lets be real you only talk for you self

and ive been playing ED and have been every day for 16 hours since it went live

and to be frank i dont care what other games you are playing go post on there boards
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Ummmm.... I'm playing Elite, and Elite only. I actually contemplated cleaning up my HD my deleting some titles. Deleted 2 games so far, haven't got around to any others. But I've been playing Elite only for e past couple of months... and really since the beginning of premium beta.
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