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Hello everybody,

I recently started a new park, because Mellow Mesa didn't turn out what I wanted to be (but I will have some bits of Mellow Mesa returning in this park). This will be a park in the Compagnie des Alpes group and will use the Walibi brand. The park will have an "around the lake" lay-out and will house mostly medium sized rides. I will try to keep everything as realistic as possible, that being said I'm using my experiance as a employee of several Dutch themeparks as refference. I have some screenshots to show you all, but keep in mind all might change.

The first image shows the entrance area, it should be enough to let 10.000 - 15.000 people in at a daily basis. At the real busy days it will be a bit crowded, as you would expect from an medium sized park.

This image shows the left side of the entrance plaza in the park, it houses the main souvenir shop. On the other side (not finished yet) there will be lockers, toillets and a coffee/donut shop.

The first ride of the park I worked on was an Vekoma Boomerang, all medium size parks seem to have one. This one doesn't have real theming and is called Equalizer. It plays music really loud and is just there.

This shows whats there at this moment. I will show the area with the water-ride (spillwater) and the Huss Condor next, but it is not ready to be shown yet. There will be an addition of an restaurant, a souvenir stand and some rides including rollercoaster (I'm leaning towards a wooden coaster).

I hope you guys will enjoy my posts! Any tips or tricks are always welcome. And I would like to thank all the creators on the workshop a special thanks for al the awesome items! I couldn't have done it without them.
Hello everybody,

I'm still working on Walibi Adventure, but very slow as my job is asking me a lot of time. But I've managed to build out the park into a wild west/frontier type area and some of that is what I will be showing you today.

The first image shows a foodcourt / seating area. The shops sell fries and snacks, this would be the main type of food found in a themepark like this.

This image shows Sceaming Eagle, one of the flatrides in the Area. This ride would be one of the older rides in the park. And that's what I'm going for with this area, probably the oldes area in the park. But it has a recent ride added to it.

The last image of the wild west / frontier area shows the water ride, normally it would be a splashdown type ride like a spillwater. I've used the watercoaster to simulate that. The ride is called Niagara Falls and is inspired on Bellewaerde's Spillwater.

Last thing I'm showing you today is the new overview of the park, but bear in mind all might move or change.

Thanks for looking at my post, see yah soon.
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