Just wanted to drop a quick note to the team, I'm really enjoying this. A heavy dose of XCom set in the WH40k universe. And thematically, the Grey Knights do sort of make sense for this sort of setup. And it's nice to see a game where the Space Marines do sort of work like they do in the novels. (Where they're hard as nails, tough to kill warriors, then you get to play a game where they're just a unit that gets squished reasonably easily). So the heroic adventures of your tough, but not invincible soldiers here are a lot of fun.

Any plans for DLC and expansions down the road?
Game is super well thought out in the little ways. It is really respectful of player time. It's like they went through all the things that didn't matter or weren't great in XCom and figured out how to cut them out. Really outstanding game.
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Glad you are enjoying crushing the skulls of mankind's enemies beneath your gilded Daemon Hammer! Right now we're very much focused on our launch and ensuring we're able to resolve any performance issues and review the feedback our community has shared. Should we have any future news we'll let everyone know, so as always train your Prognosticars on our forums, website and social channels for any transmissions.
Any plans for DLC and expansions down the road?
I have to admit that I was impressed from the start.
I knew that I was going to use the GK against Nurgle, but when, in the preliminary mission, the first enemies I saw were Bloodletters, followed soon after by a Bloodthirster, I was pleasantly surprised!
I can imagine that there are already plans for an expansion focused on Khorne and, based on the success of the game, we might see it in the near future.
GW recently revealed that they will release a separate codex for the World Eaters so perhaps the events could be linked together (although I guess that the WE codex might be still a long way out...).
Anyway, mine is wishful thinking.
For now, I enjoy fighting papa Nurgle.
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