1. Berlin87

    Parks Seven Seas: Exploring the Germany Pavilion

    Welcome to the Germany Pavilion! Walking underneath the Brandenburg Gate, visitors are treated to a vista of German architecture. None of the buildings are exact replicas, but they are based on recognisable landmarks... ...and each structure helps to recreate that typical German...
  2. KITTracer7

    Bengal Tiger's Modern House

    Hayo dear community!! Today I've finished my first 4k Planet Zoo blueprint! Hope you enjoy it! This is Bengal Tiger's Modern House: 🐯 Have fun!
  3. Zekin

    🌳PONDEROSA🌳🏠 [Mordern Abode]

    PONDEROSA is a modern architecture style build. Its located somewhere in the woods, surrounded by "Ponderosa" trees🌳. I was inspired by nature's breathtaking beauty🍃. Re-shade was used to make it look realistic. It will be released on steam later this week after some tidying up. Enjoy!🙃 A video...
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