1. joerg

    Beacon switch in the SRV

    There are two places you can turn your wing beacon on and off in a ship - in the roght hand panel under the ship tab, and in the comms panel under the wing options. However, once you are in the SRV, you can only use one of these options - the comms panel. Could you possibly add the Wing Beacon...
  2. G

    Yet another Guardian Beacon

    Found it [money] IC 2391 sector MX-T b3-6
  3. Keef Drow

    Farthest Distance from Sol Record Attempt

    In an attempt to go past where anyone has been before, I have set out on a multi-week supercruise from the Semotus Beacon star in the solar system farthest from Earth, Oevasy SG-Y d0. The goal is to warp away from the Galactic Core as this is the last system inside the Milky Way at this most...
  4. GURU-951

    Crashed Beacons and Wrecked SRV's. Signs of a lost Colony?

    Today I went into an unknown system and decided to check the surface of the first 2 planets. I found two crashed Nav beacons and one wrecked SRV with its cargo all over the place from my search of both of them. This was about 3000Ly from the bubble. Someone had suggested that this might be home...
  5. Rivelus

    Ships Combat Leveling and Counting the points in the screen with my Python in CNB

    Leveling with my Python in a CNB Made this experiment video trying to count the combat points in the screen. Hope this is right and be useful, please share with me your toughts! Thanks!
  6. B

    Crime and punishment for planet scan jobs

    I just watched both casts of upcoming "Beyond" expansion and have question about law and punishment. It seems to be somewhat broken right now for the "planetary scan" missions where you have to download data from beacon. I haven't been doing anything illegal, many of these missions are...
  7. n13L5

    Whats the laziest ship to use for staying in CNB's for an hour or so to bounty hunt?

    I looked at a bunch of threads why Python overheats for no apparent reason, which gave me some clues, but some questions remained unanswered... (I haven't played since reputation decay got added to the game. 1.4, I think?) Issue: fighting a single Cobra for 1 minute in a CNB (pretty close to...
  8. Persera

    The Void Beyond

    There’s nothing out there. Not for a long way anyway. Ahead is nothing but blackness. As I transmit these words I believe I am the furthest any human has ever traveled from Sol. This is the story of the Void Beyond project. It’s goal is simple: Send a human made object out into the emptiness of...
  9. T

    QoL: Local Beacon

    Proposal: Add a 3rd option to the Beacon function Menu Purpose: Make grouping larger numbers of players in an instance less cumbersome. Description: Proposal for a 3rd option to the Beacons Menu called "Local" that will put a marker on everyone's ship scanners within a certain distance so they...
  10. CMDR Lucienn

    New Tourist Beacons

    Some of you might know me as that "crazy tourist beacon guy", for good reason, too. Anyway, I've noticed that since 2.4, we've gotten new tourist beacons in Elite, but unlike previous patches, they have not been mentioned at all in the patch notes (the last three times they were added they were...
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