1. M

    Two Earth-like worlds in a system

    Pretty cool discovery.
  2. Grinnygog

    Quite a fruitful expedition...

    Just got back from a short(ish) journey to the sanguineous rim. Discovered numerous water worlds, 3 undiscovered earth-like worlds and a neutron star, all now tagged with my name. One system had 2 Y-class planets (ringed) and the icing on the cake was that when I'd handed in the data to Lave...
  3. T

    An Overly-Ambitious Idea

    With all of the things I don't particularly like about this game, I have to say it's still the best space game out there, with potential to become probably the best game of all time. It just needs more. It's a great, "realistic" portrayal of being a space entrepreneur, but as I sit in my...
  4. marx

    List of Earth-like worlds, v3

    Welcome to the List of Earth-like Worlds! You can find the new version of the list at The explanation of the changes can be found in this post. The previous version of the list, which is no...
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