1. starman

    Good times

    Seems familiar
  2. The-DemonWolf

    PvP Galactic combat initiative pvp Deathgame

    Date: Wednesday, July 25 3304 Time: 8:30 est; 20:30 pm - 12:00 am; 00:00 System: V886 Centauri, Pc game- PS4- Open Play ( hopefully ) Xbox- This the first time we are both a pc and console are going have a pvp event. This event will be held in the galactic combat initiative discord for all...
  3. Pro Cambarus

    Community Event / Creation The Great Galactic Census is live! Watch the epic census video and join the census with your faction

    The Great Galactic Census is live! Check The Great Galactic Census Motion Picture to gain an insight why The Great Galactic Census might become an important milestone in the history of the Elite Dangerous universe and also to see for yourself one of the coolest and most epic videos ever made...
  4. C

    Nothing special found in the galactic core.

    As the title says it, but to be specific, it was told that the chances are high we could find a thargoid base, artifacts or anything related to the Thargoids if we explore the galactic core, since their homeworld is in the opposite area of the galaxy but closer to the core than we are. I've...
  5. Camisade

    The “Thargoid Threat” is Fake News!

    The “Thargoid Threat” is Fake News! The Galactic Enquirer. Dateline: January 4th, 3304. Agricola's Ascent, Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65. The Agricola's Ascent orbital is crowded these days. One can’t walk anywhere without bumping into packs of feral billionaires who have flocked to the Pleiades...
  6. C

    I started playing in VR... And now nothing else will do... #VR4Life

    I'm honestly serious here. Visual fidelity of the current VR devices aside. This is it. I wont be able to go back. Even with a beautiful wide screen monitor (That I never thought I would own either) Even with a device that allows my eyes to be tracked, or my heads movement to be transposed onto...
  7. A

    Very limited quick travel (or if you will a galactic highway to Colonia)

    Hi First of all I feel like traditional quick travel, as seen in most RPGs, in Elite would certainly break things horribly. As such what I'm about to suggest is in no way unlimited or entirely free form quick travel. If you want that make another thread. First some backstory to explain why I...
  8. Erimus Kamzel

    The Galactic Mapping Project & Historical Archive of Exploration

    INTERNAL LINKS Galactic Regions & Overview Map The Expedition Hub History of Beagle Point & Archived Maps The Age of Pioneers The Distant Worlds Expeditions New Horizon & DSSV Distant Worlds EXTERNAL LINKS Colonia Connection Highway ED Astrometrics FalconFly's Guide to Locating Bio...
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