1. nicmarlon


    Hi, everyone! This is GHOSTBUSTERS - PHANTOM FALL. Please RATE IT if you like it! :) This blueprint has 3,999 pieces and includes a few items from the Thememaker's Toolkit. If your creation is a prop I used in this ride: thank you very much! Would love to know here what you guys think of the...
  2. DisneylandFreak

    Ghostbusters: Mining Trouble- A 4D Interactive Darkride Experience(located at Wild West Adventures Park)

    Howdy Planco Community! Today i'm presenting you something exciting. The construction of the new ghostbusters area at Wild West Adventures Park has officially started on Tuesday and there was already a lot of progress made. This building blog post shows the first steps of this ambitious...
  3. B

    Shooting Ride Targets as Triggers

    I was surprised to see that this has not been done already. Why can't i use my targets as triggers, so that when one is shot, i can trigger a light, animatronic or other triggerable items. Would be neat if this would work. I miss it Oh and while you're at it, please let me disable the countdown...
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