1. Shivas07

    Visitor Generator cannot be deleted!

    Hello guys, is anyone having the problem of not being able to delete the visitor generator at the main entrance of the maps? Look:
  2. P

    Destryoing a Genarator

    Hey, I just accepted a misson with the misson goal to destroy a genarator in a system. So I flew to this system and just noticed that the Ground station where I have to destroy this genarator not appears on the system map. I have checked that I am in the right system and if this station really...
  3. F

    CQC Update - ingame, bots and training ground...

    A place (holographic playground) where we can go whilst in stations to participate in PVP, against bots and try out our new ship upgrades without fear of the rebuy - would also be a good place to retrain your flying skills if you've been away for a while (I seem to remember Wing Commander in...
  4. D

    Multi Objective Missons / Ground strike / Attack Runs

    | FDev this would bring so much more to the game with little to no resources | FDev, Id really like to see some more meaningful mission types. My thought is that it would be like an attack run on a ground settlement, Outpost or megaship. You'd pick up a mission to "Help reduce defenses on...
  5. Marcusfalden


    Please add animated ground crews that can be seen moving around in both the stations and on planetary bases. Elite Dangerous feels like a sterile galaxy. Where are all the humans? On that note please please let us have full NPC crews for all ship types. for 2 seat ships have the job called a...
  6. deMangler

    ED Server / Servers Down problems discussion thread

    Probably a bad thread title but here goes. There has been some discussion of using cash for credits to fund the game server. I would probably never purchase in-game credits even if I were a millionaire and I wanted to support the server. Here is a suggestion for an additional server financing...
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