1. Indiana Beeblebrox

    I am once again asking for your support

    Hello, fellow CMDRs! I just got an X52 Pro (the one from Logitech), I got voice atttack, A.S.T.R.A. voice pack, headphones and a decent mic plugged into an external sound card so that I can have a cleaner experience with my voice assistant. I'm good to go, you might say! Except that I found...
  2. Spaceman Si

    Newcomer / Intro HCS VoicePack Keybinds Setup

    No doubt there is an obvious answer to this which I have missed or over-thought, so bear with me.... I have gotten an HCS voice pack (well, two, actually). I have set up Voice Attack and trained it. I have a functioning jolly nice headset and microphone. I have installed the Voice Packs into...
  3. Mole HD

    HCS Voice pack updates

    HCS have updated all their voicepacks to handle the new patch and UI changes for E-D...
  4. S

    Release Voice attack can not enter search field in galaxy map (HOTAS)

    I'm trying to build a script that reads a text file and line by line to automatically feed waypoints, for example to plan a neutron highway route. Now the scripting is not a problem (I use Python to copy the text and delete the line). However, pasting the text in the search box in the galaxy map...
  5. WordSmith

    Is there a way to control comms with Voice Attack (or the HCS voice packs)?

    One of the problems I face when in the rift is not being able to type responses to messages I get while playing in Open. Often these are just hello's, but sometimes they are requests to vacate the large loading pad and it would be nice to respond with a 'yep, just buying stuff, then I am off'...
  6. Aussiedroid

    Release Aussiedroid's Enhanced Thrustmaster Warthog Script

    Welcome to My Enhanced Custom Warthog Script! About: Some consider the lack of twist & button options make this device far from ideal for Elite Dangerous, but I found this certainly not to be the case. That being said, after trying to configure things in the TARGET GUI & ED and being...
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