Welcome to My Enhanced Custom Warthog Script!


Some consider the lack of twist & button options make this device far from ideal for Elite Dangerous, but I found this certainly not to be the case. That being said, after trying to configure things in the TARGET GUI & ED and being unhappy with the results, I decided a new approach was needed and began creating this script so everything would work properly.

The goal was to use all of the wide array of buttons/toggles/axes to function correctly in game and to ensure everything was mapped to the HOTAS & is accessible when needed. Controls should be intuitive, minimise hand movements & never conflict or have failure points.

A challenge to say the least, but I think I have come up with something that ticks all these criteria. Incorporating over 1000 lines of code, it utilises most of the feature available in the powerful TARGET Scripting language, so at a glace the profile can appear complex. In the cockpit seat however, the basics should fall in place quickly and more advanced options will start to show themselves as the situations arise.

A full description + pictures are available on Steam Guides here & on GitHub here.

Summary of Advanced Functions:
  • Three Tier PIP Management Hat Switch offering different presets depending how long you hold down the button. (Optional: One & Two Tier PIP system configurable)
  • Auto-Docking Request procedure.
  • Full LED Lighting implemented for core Ship Systems, plus full LED Backlight manual control for the Throttle & activation patterns.
  • Three Joystick Curve & Throttle Mode Presets that can be configured on-the-fly.
  • Proper implementation of the dual stage trigger on the Joystick, to allow combined Primary & Secondary fire or for the trigger to be separated to Primary fire only.
  • Comprehensive Integration of 3rd Party Tools/Hardware, including TrackIR, MFG Crosswind, NVidia/AMD Video Capture, External Voice Comms, Steam & Voice Attack (HCS Voice Packs)!
  • Flight Assist OFF (& also Microphone) offer Hold & Toggle options were you normally need to chose one or the other in the mapping. Best of both worlds!
  • Flight Assist OFF like a boss, with automatic sensitivity adjustment mod in hold mode.
  • Safety Rating A++, Improved Safety Features, including limiting access to Ship Boost based on presets or IDLE lock, additional combination required for Jettison All Cargo to prevent mishaps & disabling Throttle when IDLE is enabled. Nothing critical to the ship can be accidentally pressed.
  • Defensive Pattern Delta: An advanced withdraw tactic from combat that will retract your hardpoints, set PIPs to defensive & attempt to Supercruise/High Wake out. (Optional: Fire Engine Boost & Chaff)
  • Everything is mapped! Practically everything you can set in Elite Dangerous Controls has been added to the Warthog, plus the hidden shortcuts to control your FPS & Bandwidth displays and to Hide Your Ship's GUI.
  • 21st Century Comforts: Dim your Throttle Backlights automatically when you enable your Ship/SRV Lights.
  • Scripting files are properly formatted & contain full comments to help understand what the code is doing. Best viewed in TARGET SCRIPT EDITOR. Additional keys & content are present if you want to modify further.
  • DX Mapping & Conversion table also included in the Key Mapping file to help with changes.
  • Repeater Fire option on both Primary & Secondary fire. 3 Modes available including Combat-Endless, Explorer-Scanner & Mining-Auto-Pulse.
  • User Configurable settings available to customise your setup easily! No coding required.
  • Comms Panel Auto-Response System: An upgrade offering up to 8 pre-configured text chat responses mapped to Joystick to assist with quick responses for general day-to-day interactions. Auto-text can be easily edited in the User Preferences.
  • Automatically Clear Chat Box of all text.
  • Frame Shift Drive & Super Cruise engage on Throttle @ 100%.
  • Full Throttle Afterburner (Throttle Lock) implementation, that will cut your speed to zero in both the Ship & SRV (via handbrake), and prevent accidental boost (Lateral Thrusters can still be used).
  • Signal Light Sequence: Flashes your Ship/SRV lights on and off. Short & Long sequence options available for a bit of fun!
  • Disable HUD/GUI automatically when activating Night Vision.
  • Automatically fire a Heat Sink when entering Silent Running (Can also be fired separately).
  • Automatically enable Precision Throttle Controls when Deploying Cargo Scoop.
  • Boot ED Launcher & Other 3rd Party Apps when you Run the Script or via the included ED-BAT File.
  • Fast Jump Next/Prev Sub-Systems to help find the Module you need.
  • Double Tap Functionality on the Pinky Trigger.
  • Customisable Secondary Fire & Autopilot buttons via User Preferences.
  • +More

Special thanks go out to Alexandr Zhevedenko, Michael Lehman (WraithMG11235), DarKcyde & Thomas Duployez (CMDR Touille) who's own scripts really helped me understand how it all works! Also to jgm for his great reference map site which I used as a basis for my custom maps. Special shout out to CMDR Clicker for all his help squashing bugs and improving the code. Thank you!

(High Resolution Maps can also be found in the Steam Guide & Full Download Pack)
Any questions, I will do my best to help here or across on my guide. Cheers!

Download Script Files, TrackIR & ED Profiles: 3.3 Beyond Update+ @ ModDB: Aussiedroid-ED-Warthog-Script-4.0.0.zip (FULL)
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Small update (2.2.3) went live yesterday, fixing a minor issue with handbrake lock on IDLE DX key conflicting. Updated to Keyboard mapping.
Another Small update (2.2.4) has just been uploaded, improving the PIP Hat Delay time and layout, plus changing of the Modifier key for Combo fire changing to Modifier 2 (CMS Hat Switch) instead of Pinky Trigger (This avoids conflicts with changing weapon groups while firing).

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Thanks WraithMG11235! Appreciate you checking it out :)

Also, another small update (2.2.5) to add the new Charge ECM keymap, and replace the incorrect ED bindings file I accidentally included in 2.2.4 (Pls Update).


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Working overseas at the moment, but I'll have a rummage with this, it looks really well thought out. Not played with the scripting, I've always been lazy and used TARGET.

Good work, commander.
Thanks Yaffle! I don't blame you for not going the scripting route, it is pretty daunting (at least it was for my limited brain). Many hours of feeling like you are getting nowhere, things not working, and limited debug info comes back to let you know what is wrong. It's frustrating. Was it worth it in the end? .. yes .. there were some things I did that I don't think you can do via the GUI. Making changes now is relatively quick too once you get your head around the code and I can apply what I now know to other games.

Any questions when you get to have a play .. let me know :)
Hi Vassag0,

TBH I am not 100% sure why the profile is renamed, but what should occur is when you copy the file across is it will create a copy when the game starts (maybe an internal backup?) with the .1.8 on the end.

In the game, this should only appear as 2.2 .. not (even though 1.8 will be the one used as you can see by the last save dates after you play).

On the plus side, it should mean that the original file also remains untouched just as 2.2 and only changes are made to 1.8.

Are you seeing 2 profiles in ED .. one 2.2 and one
i really wanna try your preset but it doesn't work because i am doing something wrong.Really exciting from the game and from Warthog devices but all this struggle make me sad.In game control options when i choose you preset only few of the buttons on throttle work and joystick not at all.Sorry for my bad english hope you understand.I have the warthog + pedals setup (wich i use for yaw).

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and yes i see 2 profiles one 2.2 and one In game control options key bindings are adjusted but when i am trying to fly in some of the training missions my hotas doesn't work :(
I'll help if I can :)

A lot of the keys mapped to the Warthog are keyboard commands, and as such you can test most of them out through the Warthog software. This should show if it is working outside of the game or just having issues inside the game.

One thing to note, in the training missions not all commands will work. They are cut back to just demonstrate the lesson for the tutorial.

If you load into the full game it should allow access to all the commands. Before you start, there should be a pre-check list where you can verify all the main flight keys work before you take off. May be worth trying this as well to see if anything is not mapped.

If you are still having issues let me know.
i am trying to find a way of best use of the warthog.Тo get used to it from the beginning before to play the actual game.Yours profile is best what i find on the forums thank you for the incredibly amount of work and passion that you put in it.
Wow, that looks quite impressive... I'll have to check out the scripting language (I've not yet had a chance to make use of my Warthog properly), your effort looks quite awesome - thanks for sharing!

i am trying to find a way of best use of the warthog.Тo get used to it from the beginning before to play the actual game.Yours profile is best what i find on the forums thank you for the incredibly amount of work and passion that you put in it.

Thanks Vassag0 - If you are just starting out, then do not worry that some keys do not work in the tutorials. All the ones you should need should work for that specific tutorial and more become available as you progress. Have a go till you are comfortable to give the profile a go in the main game and let me know if you are still having troubles :)


Thanks Zeeman!
Your profile looks great!!

I was looking to adjust my own, but all I really want to do is to add long and short presses to my CMS and TMS hats.

I am guessing this can only be done via scripting?
quite a few similarities with my Warthog profile:



I'll need to have a closer look at yours its good to see other players perspective on these things
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Your profile looks great!!

I was looking to adjust my own, but all I really want to do is to add long and short presses to my CMS and TMS hats.

I am guessing this can only be done via scripting?

Thanks Ren! Appreciate the comment & rep!

I only ended up playing with the GUI for a few hours before I decided to move to the scripting, so I didn't get to the point of trying the more complex mappings like this in the GUI. I assume you can't but may be wrong. In the scripting language there is a simple command called TEMPO, which sets the two commands and the timings for the hold. I took that a step further for PIPs for example by embedding a TEMPO within a TEMPO to give 3 commands. Surprised it worked but shows how powerful the scripting language can be vs the GUI.

quite a few similarities with my Warthog profile:

I'll need to have a closer look at yours its good to see other players perspective on these things

Yes, very true BBT! I must have looked at a few dozen setups myself (not to mention also the awesome scripts others shared), and also going back to my X55 profile to get something I am somewhat familiar with. Totally agree its great to get others perspectives on things so greatly appreciate you sharing your setup too! Swap a few of those hats around and it is pretty similar on the core functions. May be some things you can take from mine to incorporate into yours and visa-versa.

I expect a lot of people who may grab this profile will change a lot to suit their own needs. One thing I know for sure there is no right or wrong way when it comes to mapping these things out, it is very much a personal preference on what works with your brain :)

I am curious, how do you find the Thrustmaster Panel thingie (whatever it is called)? I see you had it in your profile... good investment / something you use?

Cheers Guys!
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No clue what I'm doing, but that hasnt stopped before.

That's the spirit Ren! :)

If you have everything mapped in ED, and just wanted to add hold options to dual action the hat switches, adding that in a script should be fairly straight forward (as in shouldn't need any macros/functions or any fancy mappings/timings). If you already have things mapped in the GUI then you will probably have to recreate those in the script though.

When you map something like a TEMPO command to a button in the script, you generally need to have keyboard commands mapped for the two commands you want to map in ED, then map them in the key mappings file to be used in the TEMPO command. This also means you will not map that hat switch directly in the game (only in the script). Anyways, that is probably not meaning much to you at this point lol

There are full comments in my script file to help understand what is what and what is doing what. Hopefully helps get you started, but definitely have a read of the manual too - will help with the syntax.

Good luck and any questions, happy to try to help if I can.
I am curious, how do you find the Thrustmaster Panel thingie (whatever it is called)? I see you had it in your profile... good investment / something you use?

That would be the Thrustmaster Cougar MFD's, I assume they use the 'Cougar' reference because they were released as a product around the time of the Cougar HOTAS. So you buy them as a pair (I only use one for ED) and they are really designed for the likes of Falcon4 and DCS World as you can mount them on monitors and have the sim render the in game MFD in the cockpit to your 2nd screens. With ED I simply use one to map controls that don't make sense on the Warthog throttle or are cumbersome to access. You can also use the TARGET software to control the MFDs along witht he Warthog which is nice. Would I buy a set exclusively for ED? Probably not, but then I wouldn't buy a Warthog exclusively for ED either. It basically comes down to this you have a much nicer human interface for cockpit systems and you have real buttons instead of the touch controls of the Roccat Power Grid software. If you have or intend to use other flight sims and space sims then yes I'd say they are worth it.

Right, now I'm going to take a closer look at your profile see how you've done it and what can be improved on mine. Its really good to see you figured out the sensor zoom on the rotational wheel of the throttle, that's a really smart mapping to have.
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