1. EmmyV

    Ok, so I wanna "Get good" so I can take part in new things as they come out.

    Ok, so I for years have only had passing opportunity to play this game. Lifetime pass owner, got a very nice HOTAS setup, and you know the drill. I've got about 200mill in the bank on my commander and I got a little fleet of ships, but only the Krait MKII and my Type 9 which is almost completely...
  2. Del Maximum

    Arbor Caelum, the canopy has expanded!

    The ancient peoples of Old Earth once braved the deathly unknown and set out to expand their horizons. In vessels made by their own hands, they faced unspeakable hardships and fear in the hope that they would wake up in a new day and a new world. Millennia have passed, but that intrepid spirit...
  3. M

    Evasion (Flight Assist Off)

    A few weeks ago, Commander Yamato2012 posted his combat footage from the PvP Hub finals. It was an incredible piece of flying that reminded me that I still have a long way to go in order to get the most out of my ship. Hence, I did what every good pilot does: I try to blatantly rip off his...
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