petting zoo

  1. Urufu1997


    Made a Donkey for Petting Zoos
  2. TyronneTitan38

    Petting Zoo Pack

    Hayo developers, I’ve watched videos from “Gamer Empire” and have been inspired to share some of his and the community’s pack ideas. Some of the pack ideas are really incredible, unique, and ingenious. The first pack I've decided to showcase to you is the Petting Zoo pack by LucasTheKeeperrrr...
  3. CeylaMin

    A Idea Animal List

    I know some of them may not be makeable! It is just a List which animals would still be perfect for some Themend Zoo's ^^ Kalong (Pteropus vampyrus) Arabic small stain genette (Genetta genetta grantii) Lychee Waterbuck (Kobus leche**) - [Low endangered] Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra lutra) -...
  4. KaoRu

    Petting Zoo type of DLC?

    Thought it would be a cool idea to maybe add some sort of petting zoo DLC like alot of Zoo's have an area where kids (and adults - you know you love it too 😉) get to interact with like Goats, Pigs, Chickens/chicks, Ponies, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, etc. I don't mean just have it like in Zoo Tycoon...
  5. R

    Forest Animal, petting Zoo and more

    Hi community! I was thinking it would be nice to include some forest animal like foxes, racoons, squirrels, etc. Squirrels and birds might be able to live together in something that I imagine as a big "open-air" exhibition concept. Would be nice to create a forest-feeling for the guests...
  6. G

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions "Second Phase/Phase Two" DLC Concept

    Through my observations, big DLCs take many many months for completion. With three ideas of that kind in mind, it kinda feels a little arbitrary to a part of me for each and every one of them to have a separate DLC, combined with rumors I hear that it would be until sometime in 2021 when this...
  7. Y

    I really dislike the idea of petting zoos

    I've seen a few threads regarding the inclusion of petting zoos and domesticated animals in the game, with mixed responses. While I understand the appeal, I personally really dislike the idea, as I feel that petting zoos are pretty much "for the guests", while modern zoos and PZ itself are...
  8. K

    Petting zoos and animal education centers

    Everyone loves cute fluffy animals, everyone especially loves petting them. Plenty of zoos that I have gone to in the past have had some form of petting zoo where the little kids could run around and love up on little baby goats, or alpacas, or sheep, or any sort of docile creature. I think it...
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