22 CMDRs in an instance, on PS4

    For the official re-opening of the fleet carrier AXI BarHabba, CMDRs from the PS field of AX were invited to come on a Hydra hunt on Friday 3rd July. In total, at the busiest point, 22 CMDRs (across two party chats) were all in the same instance, fighting the top level Xeno ship, without any...
  2. Factabulous

    Week 24: Thargoids attacking Pemepatung and LP 102-320

    Targets are Pemepatung (scouts) and LP 102-320 (interceptors & scouts). No wrecked Megaships in either. We saved both systems this week. Systems are saved by kills in the target systems - each kill counts the same, so a Scout is as useful as an Interceptor. Bonds do not matter. Aegis...
  3. Factabulous

    Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

    (image via Reddit) Thargoids are all on holiday. They still hang out in Non Human Signal Sources in the Pleiades - closer to Merope you get more. They are also in the Witch Head Nebula - centred around Witch Head Sector IR-W C1-8, but most inhabited systems will have them. You can also get...
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