1. J

    Adjusting the shop prices - please make it easier to get an even number

    If i want to adjust the prices in the shops, it's impossible to get a price like exact 5 Dollars, with the adjusting scale the prices they result are 5,36 $, 5,03 $ and so on. That is very annoying, PLEASE put a function in, that gives the possible to enter an exact price by tiping!!! Best...
  2. V

    Fleet Carrier Prices

    Any guesses on what we could be expecting for these monsters? I’m not sure if their will be an ability to upgrade them after the fact of purchasing, but that would change the price point drastically imo. A Conda alone is 143 Million, which nowadays is not much. An A rated conda you could be...
  3. G

    Exchange rate for brazilian customers

    Hello and good evening! I'm a brazilian Elite player, since launch. I have bought the base game, Horizons and some cosmetic stuff along these last years. Recently, Frontier released A LOT more cosmetic stuff for us to buy (Ship Kits, Weapon and Engine colors, to name a few) but, as much as...
  4. T

    Demand/Production/Stock price dilemma, and Smuggling issues - Save the Merchants!

    Hey pilots. I was thinking for a while about how galactic economy works. I was first playing E: D with (don't laugh) Spice and Wolf in mind – a story about two smart people using their wit to turn in some tasty profit. So I did cargo runs, and deliveries, and smuggling, tried piracy (heh) and...
  5. Madayar

    Station vs. Criminals - Ideas

    Greetings, I'd like to offer my opinion on the upcoming judicial system of Elite: Dangerous and some ideas on the way station defense should handle criminals. First of all, my main concern is with where stations should nuke criminal commanders. As discussed in my "Explosions and Shrapnel"...
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