1. Gohax

    Blender 2.83 animation rotations always relative to origin

    Hello, during the past couple of days i created some static items with Blender 2.83 for Planet Coaster to warm up with the workflow, which worked very well. Now that i tried creating an animated object, i'm having a problem with the way rotations are applied in Planet Coaster: Somehow, all...

    Is star rotation ever coming back?

    Some time around 2016, something dramatic happened in the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Every single star, apart from neutron stars and white dwarves, stopped moving and solidified in their place. All star rotation in the game was removed, and now (almost) every star looks completely static...
  3. W

    On-Ride: Camera view 360 degree

    Hello, when I'm riding a coaster I'm able to look 90° to the left and 90° to the right. Question: How can I look back? I want 360° rotation during on-ride, not only 180°. I'm looking for a way to unlock the rotation limitation. Any commands/cheats available? I want this so bad ;-/ Thanks a...
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