Blender 2.83 animation rotations always relative to origin


during the past couple of days i created some static items with Blender 2.83 for Planet Coaster to warm up with the workflow, which worked very well. Now that i tried creating an animated object, i'm having a problem with the way rotations are applied in Planet Coaster:

Somehow, all rotation-animations are interpreted as rotations around the origin. I made a simple animated object (the chest from minecraft) to test this:

Obviously, the lid should open as shown on the right side as in this reference gif:

EDIT: See solution below.
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Sorry, in the meantime i figured it out (i can't delete my post, so i might as well post the solution here in case it helps someone):
When i imported my fbx-file into Blender 2.79, which i downloaded to debug this, i realized that my armature scale was at 0.01. This caused above behavior, as scaling the armature down to 1% makes it look as if rotation was calculated based on the origin, when in reality the bones are just very close to origin.

I don't know why my armature gets scaled down to 1% when exporting, as it is at scale 1 originally (same as the meshes). As a workaround i just scaled my armature up by a factor of 100 in edit-mode before exporting, and the result seems fine.
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right this is because you should be modeling your armature at a scale of 0.01 to start then when you manually scale up to 1.00 it holds the scale correctly. If you start at 1.00 the tmtk compiler scales your armature down by 100 ;) this is why in my tutorial I told you to switch to 0.01 to start and had you scale the bone up 100. ;) that way your bones are relative in scale to your actual model during export. XD
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