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    Most Wished for Scenery

    I was wondering what people’s most wished for scenery and decorative pieces are. Myself I’d love some maps to make info board creation smoother. The Australia map piece is awesome but a smaller version would be appreciated. People make some awesome custom maps on the workshop but the piece count...
  2. UCES Fossil

    Gemstone Arch

    Workshop link:
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    Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Park "Decorations" (for both eras)

    Park "decorations" are one of the few suggestions I have seen a few times in the past. Recently, I have been thinking of a way of how decorations could work, after experiencing the era system myself, while also incorporating elements from a previous related dead thread I posted here last year...
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    Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay "Mist dispenser" Scenery Object

    Where as all the current scenery objects are all nature based, as they are just trees and rocks, as well the scenery objects from one of my previous threads, the mist dispenser idea I’m going to suggest would be what I would call artificial based. Reason for this is because, while it certainly...
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    Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Two Additional Natural Scenery object types (Rock Formations and Fallen Trees)

    This is just a general idea of having two more scenery object types which are rock formations and fallen trees. Like the scenery rocks in-game, they would serve little purpose other than making the environments look pretty to your likings. They won't effect forest needs for your dinosaurs...
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