1. D

    Clipping, Climbing, and Animal Animations

    The game looks really good so far, I am super excited for it! So much so that I have been brainstorming ideas for animal habitats, and I have no doubt you all have been too. I do get a little worried regarding how the animal AI pathfinding works with intractable objects. Climbable trees are...
  2. CMDRGURU951

    I found 12 Structures and 3 Beacons in 6 days and I want you to know how I did it. o7

    Good Luck Out There CMDR's. Safe Travels, Dangerous Roads.
  3. CMDRGURU951

    March 18th 3304- Unofficial Operation Against The Thargoid Invasion

    Where will you on that fateful day? Intel has shown that the Thargoids and their human allies have learned of this operation and are expected to do their best at stopping us. Security Forces to secure the perimeter are in high demand. Guardian Weapons and Large Ships with capable CMDR's are...
  4. Prorokpl

    Guardian Systems found 8k and 14k ly away!

    Hello CMDR's and explorers, We have found Guardian systems on Galaxy Map in couple of Nebulas. Use filters in Galaxy Map to locate systems. List of Guardian systems far from The Bubble: Eta Carinae Nebula ~8k ly NGC 3199 Nebula ~14k ly EORL AUWSY AA-A H72 Nebula ~21k ly PRAI HYPOO AA-A H60...
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