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  1. TheOriginalB

    Non-comprehensive list of interface oddities ("dangerously low temperature detected")

    I've been playing Odyssey and I have a few questions about the interface. This is not a comprehensive list, but it seems that there are some inconsistencies. For instance, let's talk about low temperatures. I get warned a lot about low (or high) temperatures and I haven't yet figured out how...
  2. Old Duck

    Does Frontier think Horizons' UI is bad?

    I picked up on the lead community manager saying that the UI changes were made with new players in mind, and that they need something that will service both veterans and those new players. This to me implies that Frontier thinks the Horizons UI is bad for new players. I find this kinda baffling...
  3. Old Duck

    A thought about WHY the new UI..

    People have rightly pointed out that the new UI feels like it is made for a touch screen / tablet. What if they are right? I'm not talking about playing ED on an iPad, but rather the idea of future-proofing the UI to work on VIRTUAL touch screens. For example, if we someday get ship interiors...
  4. T

    SRV loot transfer buried too far in the UI.

    The #1 thing I do at my ship with SRV is board ship. Which is easy to access in the UI. This is fine. The #2 thing is drop off my whopping TWO units of cargo that the SRV can carry. This requires: opening screen 4 tabbing to inventory (pressing Q/E multiple times) then going through the...
  5. R

    My thoughts about Odyssey and in particular why I don't recommend it in its current state

    In its current state I can NOT recommend this DLC. I am part of the minority that is experiencing a good frame rate be it in space, in a station or on planet...that isn't the issue for me personally. Here are my underlying 10 issues as to why, if any of you care enough to read: 1. Server...
  6. K

    Please fix the new UI or give us the option to use the old UI!

    The new UI is dissapointing. There was nothing wrong with the old one, it just worked! In the new UI we can't see the rank progression percentage, we have to guess how much we progressed by looking if the bar moved.. it was soo handy to see the actual percentage! The outfitting.. oh god what...
  7. E

    Supercruise Assist Orbit

    Hey, I am not sure if someone already has suggested this but I would absolutely love to have the ability to adjust Orbital ship configuration while in Supercruise Assist. This would be such a simple feature to implement as I am sure the current AI uses a set of instructions already. All I want...
  8. Chris NeonTree

    Planet Zoo UI/UX and Gameplay Improvements

    Hello, my name is Chris, I'm a game designer from Poland and a big fan of Planet Zoo recently. Although I grew very fond of the game, there are some things that I find need fixing and I'd like to share some of my suggestions. I hope Frontiers' devs will seriously consider introducing at least...
  9. Old Duck

    Fix the System map!

    For the love of all that's holy, fix this system map, Frontier! Yes, I know this has been brought up a thousand times, but obviously FDev has ignored the communuty, so it's my turn. Here is just one example of what's wrong with the system map and why: Notice that Meredith City is only 361 LS...
  10. D

    Planetary view in Orrery system view

    Personally, i'm a huge fan of the (fairly) new Orrery view in the system map. It really puts into perspective the scale of the solar system you are visiting and how it is composed. One problem i noticed whilst exploring with it is that if you select a body which has planetary data, there is no...
  11. Pontus Frykter

    I've made a redesign of the game launcher

    Hello, Commanders! As the title says, I've made a redesign of the game launcher... I've tried to bring the design as close to the game interface as possible (along with the beautifullness I hope). I hope that you will enjoy my vision! ^_^ Fly safe! 07
  12. M

    Saving Selected Filters

    As is usual, I don't know if this has already been brought up or suggested, but I wanted to propose the small change of the menus saving the filters you selected after exiting. Primarily referring to the zoo animals screen (the ones already in your zoo). I often find that while managing my...
  13. M

    How to fix this? Animal Market not showing properly

    I have a visual glitch ingame that doesnt allow me to do anything with the animal market 'Exhibit works fine' Makes the game pretty bad to play if i cant do anything with animals..
  14. A

    Animal Detail Window should open when Animal in List is clicked

    I have a suggestion that would make comparing the different genetic aspects of animals much easier: The animal window should pop up on the right side of the screen when an animal in the Zoo list is clicked. (or the location arrow of this animal) (Think of it the same way as it happens when you...
  15. angrybearduk

    UX/Qualiy of Life System Map UI Suggestions

    On the System Map screen, it would be great if the game remembered the last selected tab. So when I open the System Map it would open with the: Map or Info or Bookmarks or Planets tab pre-selected. On the System Map, it would be great to have not only "Select" option, but also "Select and...
  16. Rebel Yell

    Yearly re-post: please rise module storage cap and improve ships/builds/modules interface

    Dear FDEVs, it has been already asked, but it's the time for a re-re-re[...]re-post (sorry for bad wording, I'm not from UK): - the cap of 120 modules with so many ships, so many engineers and [perhaps] availability of credits for veteran players [I'm in since GPP] is a hard restriction as we...
  17. T

    Camera 'T' Mode UI Tweek

    This is a change only for 'T' mode, which is most useful for working inside buildings and tight spaces. While in 'T' mode have the 'W' and 'S' keys travel forwards and backwards on the current plane and use the scroll wheel to change the elevation of the camera and camera target. Currently WS...
  18. S

    Path Improvements?

    Since I see a bunch of threads being answered I figured maybe we could get an answer on this topic as well? Are there any plans to fix the incredibly frustrating path systems? I'm talking about things like: Not being able to attach paths to each other easily everywhere you want Paths...
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