1. derLichtkrieger

    The Great Return: The Voyager Route (PS4)

    After finishing DW2, the time came to decide which route to take home... The DW2 organisation team started a survey to determine which of the return routes was the most popular. The explorers voted for a route parallel to that of DW2 with a detour to Colonia. The Voyager route was voted second...
  2. Erimus Kamzel

    [DW2] Epilogue, Acknowledgements, DW Speculation & Organisation

    LINK Epilogue, Acknowledgements, DW3 Speculation & Organisation Post #1 Acknowledgements DW2 in the Media Post #2 (Link) Distant Worlds 3 Speculation Restructuring the way future Distant Worlds expeditions will be organised Epilogue & Acknowledgements Thank you, the DW2 team! My...
  3. M

    Voyager 2

    Ok, I've found Voyager 1 easily enough, but is there a more accurate set of directions to find Voyager 2? Ghost Giraffe's video helped me get the distance, and I even managed to line up to the weird set of landmarks he found (honestly, who uses the four dimmest star on the screen to line up Sol...
  4. Luftwaffle_

    Why is Voyager 1 not where it's supposed to be?

    First, some background information: Today I tried to find the Voyager 1 probe. I knew there were plenty of guides on how to get to it, but I wanted to see if I could find it on my own just by looking at star maps. I started by looking at this image on Wikipedia that shows the path the probe...
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