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Greetings Commanders.

Today sees the release of Update 15.02 for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0, where the team have addressed a number of issues for you, following the release of Update 15.

The Elite Dangerous '4.0/Live' servers (only) are now offline until approximately 11:00AM BST, when they shall return with the update available to you.


Once the deployment is successful and the servers return, I shall unlock the thread.

If you wish to see the WEB VERSION* of the notes below, please head here.

(*For 'Quality of Life' updates I can tailor notes in a timely fashion for both Forum and Web individually, however please note this may not always be possible for main content updates. Thanks for understanding!)


  • Fixed some unintended changes to ship flight characteristics in situations where rotational correction was active.
    • Enabling rotational correction should no longer have any impact on the flight characteristics of your ship outside of situations where it is actively correcting rotation (Ticket Reference: ID 44533)
  • Fix for players not being able to plot a route to settlements/ports through the POI panel UI (Ticket Reference: ID 59375)
  • Fix for pulse wave analyser not highlighting high resource asteroids in rings correctly (Ticket Reference: ID 50436)
  • Fix for insufficient number of targets arriving at settlements for Raid and Massacre Missions (Ticket Reference: ID 48424)
  • Fix for "Objective Failed" prompt repeatedly triggering when cancelling an on foot mission (Ticket Reference: ID 50524)


  • The Frontline Turrets that protect ground troops have had their repair timer increased to 10 minutes (up from 2 minutes).
    • Note: The dev team felt that the existing 2-minute timer did more harm than good by preventing interesting interplay between ground and air units at conflict zones around settlements. This change will now allow Commanders with suitably equipped ships to make a conscious choice between continuing to avoid drawing the fire of the turrets or to actively engage them in order to open up a window of opportunity for ground engagement or assaults on dropships.
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could occur when opening the Livery UI.
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could trigger when opening the Squadron Allegiance UI.
  • Fixes implemented to address several crashes that could be caused when coursing around Thargoid Maelstroms.
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could trigger when dropping into a Thargoid Maelstrom in multicrew.
  • Slight adjustments have been made the tactics used by various Thargoid vessels, so that they don't become ineffective at dealing with targets in locations that ship won't willingly navigate such as the crevasses along the structure of a Titan.
  • Fix implemented for Reboot Missions failing if a player logs out and loads back in.
  • Fix implemented for plasma weaponry not dealing the correct damage to Thargoid Revenants.
  • The galaxy map icon for the Maelstrom systems has been updated to that of a 'Titan' icon.
  • Fix implemented for an issue whereby Thargoids could stop spawning during multiplayer AX conflict zones.
  • Fix implemented for unexpected scrolling of the 'Fleet Carrier POI' list when accessed with a non-mouse input.
  • Fix implemented for the Glaive not correctly utilising its anti-guardian effect when in conflict zones around planetary ports.
  • Fix implemented for the Glaive occasionally clipping into the Titan during combat.
  • Fix implemented to address the ability to use the camera suite to clip inside the Titan.
  • The Titan's missiles can now chase locked targets for a longer duration.
  • Fixed trespass volume positions to allow larger ships to dock without violating them.
  • Fix implemented for some VFX occasionally persisting in a multiplayer instance around the Titan.
  • The Revenant no longer occasionally clip into buildings.
  • Fix implemented for thumbnail generation issue for Petra Olmanova (fun fact, it had something to do with their eyewear).
  • Fix implemented for Revenants occasionally stacking on top of each other during spawning.
  • Softened the extreme colouration of the Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner's highlight effect.
  • Thargoids will stop appearing for the remainder of an Invasion once it has been successfully repelled.
  • Fix implemented for Defend Missions failing to start at mission location.
  • Fixed Human Scavenger NPCs occasionally appearing in Thargoid-occupied systems and even more rarely, Thargoid Revenants sometimes appearing in locations in the post-Thargoid Recovery state.
  • Fix implemented to address issues where some Thargoid vessels became stuck when attempting to enter the Titan.
  • Fix implemented for the Glaive occasionally getting stuck on asteroids in the Titan location.
  • Fix implemented for units rarely not showing up at Titan location in multiplayer instances.
  • Fix implemented for Scavenger Maverick Suit mismatch between thumbnail and suit (this is the one where they all had white grey helmets on the livery icon but they're actually all white once equipped in game).
  • Fixed the Revenant's weapon audio cutting out abruptly at range.
  • Fix implemented for missing Shipkit icons in livery:
    • Cobra MKIII Cyclops Bumper and Wings.
    • Cobra MKIII Medusa Spoiler.
    • Krait MK II Basilisk and Medusa Bumper.
  • Fix implemented for Thargoid Maelstrom icon not indicating when it is behind a planet.
  • Fix implemented for buffeting effect in Thargoid Maelstrom, causing ships to jerk suddenly.
  • Fix implemented for Thargoid portals not visually blending into Maelstrom fog at a distance.
  • Fix implemented for Festive lights and Warm White Light glow being desaturated (the party is back on!).
  • Fix implemented to address an error that could generate when checking commander name entries for duplicates.
  • Fix implemented to address a disconnect when a Commander would try to reset to orbit, when they don't yet have their starter ship.

And with that, Commanders, here's to the roll-out of 15.02 for you!

Thank you so much for all of your continued, valuable thoughts and feedback which help contribute further to quality of life updates for Elite Dangerous, such as this.

See you in the black o7
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Speaking of web notes - Fun little update on these for you.
If you want to reference the notes via the web in the future - say - for example when this thread gets "unstuck" and you, for whatever reason, might want to look back on them, they're now working as intended (this function sadly wasn't quite working right for a time) in the 'Update Notes' section of the 'News Section' of the site, as oppose to being written up as News posts!

They're just a small scroll down past the news section there.
Lots of green lights going off so the update is imminent! Keep a keen eye!
You need to change the light bulb, I'd have thought that we'd want the GREEN lights to come ON when all was well ! :)

Thanks for the update.

Rotational correction bug was the biggie in the for me as I'm not into thargy stuff (at all).

Fingers crossed for continuing issues with Navlock braces behaviour since U8 (as of U15.00+15.01, the actual navlock drop is working perfectly<=Lots of happy rattos), and for Galmap filter and routing issues to be addressed.
Updated and in with no delay. So far so good.

Mission Board isn't loading yet. I just keep getting the spinning STANDBY hexagon and then get sent back to Starport Services Menu.
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Thanks for hopefully fully fixing the Rotational Correction bug, and hopefully the PWA will stay fixed this time. A lot of nice bug fixes in there for a point update.

I'm not sure I like the sounds of not being able to run away and hide from the Thargoids at the Titan now though :D

Big thanks to the team.
Upgrade was quick but currently stuck at 'loading game'.

ETA ended task & started the game again, there was a bit of a delay logging in but this time I got to the menu & when I clicked to play timed out with a connection error (Ivory Cobra).
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Great to see a number of fixes made. Very sad to see this not fixed even with high votes:

Pulse Wave Analyzer does not highlight high resource asteroids in rings (Since U12)
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