Patch Notes Update 2.1.04 update incoming

Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
Hey guys,

We have a small update coming for PC and Xbox One players. Specifically to address a number of fixes and stability issues. Servers will be down from 12noon BST for about 30- 45 mins.

Broadcast messages should have already started

Patch notes

Stability Fixes
Fixes for crashes when Hyperspace jumping
Fix for crash when entering Supercruise from a Conflict Zone
(Xbox) Fix for title entering unresponsive state after disconnecting the WAN Network cable
(Xbox) Fix for title crash from launch

General Fixes
(Xbox) Fix for loss of Horizons access after launching from Engineer Base
Fix for Docking Computer and NPC’s drifting off target landing pad
Various text updates
can you tell us why it took so long to fix docking computers ? i simply dont understand why it took over a week.
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Any news on the graphical fix for the white stations? My home is Dawes Hub in Achenar while progressing up the Empire ladder. Having to restart the game cause of the white and black outs gets a little jarring after a while
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