Patch Notes Update 2.2.02 Update

Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
Greetings Commanders,

The developers have been hard at work and you'll notice that the servers and going down now for a new update coming to Elite Dangerous.

They'll be down from 9:45 GMT and will be expected to be down for up to an hour.

Here's the change log, enjoy!

PC and Xbox One

- Physics crash fix when disconnecting on entering a location
- Xbox One: Fix terrain flattening so planet ports do not appear underground
- Fix for client and server disagreeing about whether a jet cone boost is active and kicking the player
- Fix a crash writing to the player journal with an invalid station type when docking
- Fix low level network hang
- Crash fix when swapping to an SRV
- Update the maths around hyperspacing to a Neutron star with jet cones to properly deal with avoiding said cones, also push the arrival distance for neutron stars back out a little to avoid running straight into the drop-out radius. Note that you'll still hit them pretty fast, but not unfairly so as long as you're on the ball
- Fix buggy refuel on dock
- Fixed Passenger mission bug where you are unable to take any missions due to a bug where abandoned / failed missions continue to take up space in the missions limit
- Fix for planetary mission generation
- Fix for incorrect passenger elite rank points
- Heavy frame loss and stuttering when deploying a AI fighter and thrusting downwards
- Stop the station from responding to crimes of the Passenger Wanted type
- Stop the ThankYouPassedStopAndSearch chatter line from playing when scanned by police while carrying an illegal passenger as they're about to start attacking
- Target Body does not change after scanning the first beacon of a PassengerSightseeing mission that has multiple destinations
- Prevent a faction expanding twice when a conflict state overtakes an already ended expansion state
- Ensure a minimum amount of Combat rank progression is always awarded, even when the Commanders and NPC crew have a significantly higher rank than the losing pilot
- Fix transaction server error when restocking burst railguns and some other Engineer modifications
- Module storage reliability improvements
- NPC Crew Will Not Hold Position fixed
- More improvements to the automatic fixes that try to get a Commander into the game after an invalid location or loadout including storing modules that cause trouble
- Fix faction names in the Interstellar Factors contact screen being displayed as "NONE" when there are a large number of factions in the list
- The player journal entry for when docking at a station now reports the station faction economy, government, etc: (and the info on entering a starsystem names the properties as SystemEconomy, SystemGovernment etc to be explicit about what the values refer to)
- Fix journal entry when docking an ai fighter
- Orca tactical paintjobs fixed
- Fix to the Asp Pharaoh paintjob skus being switched
- Fix incorrect onionhead2 decal sku
- Always report a MaterialCollected event after MaterialDiscovered in the player journal
- Added a text line explaining more clearly the risk of carrying criminals
- If you have an illegal passenger, call this out in the status line. Only "Wanted" status trumps this
- Attempting to spend negative credits when refuelling fixed
- Add checks for ship validity to GetStoredItemsForSlot so that we only return items that can currently be fitted to a slot. This should stop multiple shield generators, refineries, fuel scoops and other assorted once only modules getting fitted via the storage tab
- Fix livery being accessible (in extenso, outfitting) when outfitting is actually not available in a starport

Xbox One also includes 2.2.01:

- Don't crash if there's invalid state in the powerplay map
- Fix crash when looking at the role panel in the SRV
- Fix a crash that can happen if the persistent POI generation runs before the planet surface controller is ready
- Fixed SRV starting underground if the base is in a crater
- Fix soft lock when entering installations when another player is already at the installation
- When cannons, plasma accelerators and railguns malfunction, they now deal 5% of their own damage to themselves, rather than 200% which would instakill them
- Civil wars now use the same structure as War/War Support to guarantee there is always at least one conflict zone in civil wars
- Fix an issue with station guns not causing damage in some network conditions
- Hunter hostiles now obey the same cooldown as normal NPCs to prevent instant interdictions
- Fixed an issue where delivery and delivery founder missions were showing the wrong credit reward in the first transaction tab after you accept the mission
- Fixed overhead per system being too large as it's not counting fortified systems towards the number of systems that pay overheads
- Materials do not drop from Fumaroles (or other persistent POIs) when multiple players are present fixed
- Stop prosecuting crimes committed by dead Commanders
- Fixed Commanders allowed to equip multiple fuel scoops, fighter bays, refineries and shield generators by retrieving a module from storage
- Fixed some stored ships not being available within the Shipyard
- Fighter Cockpit UI: removing useless indicators in the bottom right corner, leaving the component's frame only for silent running and wanted status display
- Added message when main ships power plant is malfunctioning will be displayed when player is in both main ship and fighter
- Fine now given for shooting in no fire zone with a fighter
- Lower panel shows SRV that isn't owned fixed
- Fixed missing targeting schematic images for the Satellites
- Starport UI: fixing research panel (numeric stepper) not releasing focus when pressing left on a pad to get back to contacts menu (or back button)
- Change order of string returned by GetLongLatString, to Lat then long to revert the order of the latitude and longitude readout on the hud to be the same as pre 2.2
- Fixed missing Imperial Clipper vibrant paintjobs
- Remove build watermark
[up] as much as the players being gibbed in a station when being wanted was hysterical, I can imagine that'll be a popular change. I still think it's funny though. :)

"I didn't expect the spanish inquisition!" <explosion>

How are we going on fixing commanders jumping into a system that has a DW, or Neutron and being feed to the monster due to ships colliding with ejecta on arrival?

Oh praise RNGesus, you've fixed it. My two python loses thank you!

edit: wait, does that include DW as well??
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No fix for broken SRV wave scanner? :(
No fix for weapon colours being per ship instead of per weapon? [that was seriously lazy] :(

Thanks for the fixes, but the ones which bother me the most ^^^ have not been done so it is a bit empty for me.
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Thanks Zac.

Can you confirm that "- Fix for incorrect passenger elite rank points" means that passenger missions now increase a players exploration rank?

Have a good morning

- Stop the station from responding to crimes of the Passenger Wanted type
- Stop the ThankYouPassedStopAndSearch chatter line from playing when scanned by police while carrying an illegal passenger as they're about to start
- If you have an illegal passenger, call this out in the status line. Only "Wanted" status trumps this

^^ Is this the set of changes to fix passenger insta kill?
What about the yellow chat spamming of the fighters? why isnt been fixed yet. You cannot see if somebody wrote you without some CSI investigation.
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