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I'm loving the fact that you guys are not afraid to break some immersion in order to respect the player's time. It's a hard balance, but you're doing it right. Not everyone has hours and hours to spend for traveling.

Great job Sandro and team! o7
This part of the behaviour really needs a serious re-think I feel.

You're essentially outlining a system where crew can commit all the crimes they want on non-reward granting targets and then just walk away wiping the crimes with the only deterrent being they don't gain any of the credits they never gained in killing civilians/unwanted in the first place.

It simply doesn't work as a counter rule, and just sets up a grief-centric reward system.

Also the whole magical space unicorn transportation stuff really doesn't seem to fit into the existing rules of the game.... unless Frontier have plans to re-invent the entire premise of players in the Elite universe and make us some god-grade immortal EVE-clones that can just jump between bodies at will.

Otherwise, having people whisking themselves to the other side of the galaxy in the blink of an eye just to see the latest discovery of someone who actually took the time to travel, or to get involved in conflicts hundreds of thousands of light years away without any risk or investment is just going to be nothing but a negative influence on the game and bring the game closer to a market that frankly will get bored and stop playing a couple of week after each major update or popular reveal anyway no matter what you do.

Yes, this is key. What happens if CMDRs aiming to put a system in lockdown all fly in one ship? What happens if they slaughter 100 NPCs to tank a controlling factions' influence and then bail on the crimes and the rewards? Is the BGS still impacted?

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Hey Ed, can we launch SRVs as well, and if so, can we launch them whilst still moving?? as in, like Mass Effect with the Mako?? if this has not been thought of, get it to the engineers stat, because I know of about a few thousand people that want this. I want this, my friends want this, my friends friends want this. Launching SRVs skimming across the ground is a must have! :)
As long as their ship has enough seats (different ships have different multicrew capabilities) a Commander can directly invite players, or can set their vessel to allow multicrew access. Commanders looking to play as crew can either accept direct invites, or activate a new “looking for ship” feature, which will automatically place them as crew on a suitable vessel with multicrew access allowed, making the process quick and painless.

When joining a crew, a Commander will log out of their current vessel and transfer to the multicrew vessel, regardless of distance. They can also leave at any time (or be evicted by the ship’s owner) at which point they can return to where their ship was last, making the whole affair a very friendly, drop in – drop out procedure.

Can't tell you how thankful I am that, for once, it seems you're going for an implementation that respects player free time and encourages cooperative play without sacrificing obtuse amounts of valuable free time.

I'm half expecting the immersion whining and the begging for distance based counters before being able to crew up to start now.

Still, if turret + scanner control and SLF are all the other crew members are going to be able to do, I'm a bit weary that multicrew-ing, like so many other aspects of the game, is mostly going to be valuable to combat roles and pretty much going to end up unintersting for any form of exploration and trade.
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Not for me, sorry. Maybe I'll try it, but I'm not playing that much recently.

The Commander Creator sounds cool though. Hoping for some QoL updates.
This is fantastic, counting down the days to see this in the game and waiting for more information o7

'The ship owner is always the helmsman'

So even if he wants we can not fly his ship? Let's say for a long trip, divide the route and each one takes X lys to not get tiresome?
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Air drop SRVs would be the best :)

But yeah, being able to launch your friends in SRVs as well as fighters would be so cool.


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Nice, I shall look forward to future ones of these about something that I will use.

I'm going to be honest though as we're on the Multicrew subject. I'm really not sure I like the path that the "instance finder" is going. I've never been a fan of them in any game and I really don't see how it fits in with anything in Elite (I'm sure I'll be in the minority though).

When you say Cmdrs can just log out of their ship, I presume that the normal countdown timers will apply? You won't be able to do it during combat? What happens if you log out on a hi-g planet while plummeting towards certain death? If you log out while plummeting I take it when you log back in, you will still be plummeting and not floating stationary in safety?
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It's not perfect, but I like it. The idea is you can stealthily telepresence your way onto a criminal's ship and help them without penalty, BUT only if you don't share in the spoils.
Does multicrew just involve combat roles then, judging by the initial post? That sounds like a lot of fun, but I was also hoping for additional roles for other aspects of the game. For example a navigator, that can enhance your jump range/fsd operation speed (lower cooldowns), enhance your supercruise, have access to more detailed scanners, maybe heatmaps/better POI location on planets etc. Is multicrew limited to these three roles, or will there be more?
Oooh phew :) this is a big improvement on what was initially suggested, but still seems to leave some odd holes that have been pointed out above.

What it mostly does is fill me with excitement that there's a lot of other/QoL/fix content in this patch too which makes me very happy :D

ps. Please can we have an exploration role with advanced surface scanning? The ruins hunt has shown how much that'd be appreciated
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Ed and heart feels full :) Love seeing a dev update

Now to actually read what was posted :p
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