Guide / Tutorial 2.4 / Thargoid FAQ

Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 1 , Sanchez Class Science Vessel ZIG-097 destroyed. Log:

"I told you not to bring that thing on board, it's been acting weirdly for the last few days and it's brought them down on us. Jetisson it right now and maybe we can get out of this."
Thanks! That's one of the CG related wrecks, I visited them and then forgot to add them to the list...
Added Medusa info, updated timeline. Still need thargon swarm size for cyclops / basilisk as I forget, and I've added for Medusa.
It seems you can Hyperjump away from danger, even if the striped red Thargoid is sat in front of you, rather than trying to outrun it.

FYI : I've asked for the thread to be unpinned as I'm not planning to continue updates during 3.0

Goodbye little thread, I have enjoyed updating you :)
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