Patch Notes Update 2.4 The Return - Update 2.4.01

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Hope they fix the bugs with

- hotas firebutton not working when entering GM about 50% (then only mouse is working)
- selecting planet in GM not working. After leaving GM and enter it again it works

landing Computer:
- ship hitting buttom of entrance before flying in station
. touchdown on landingpad very slow

and other things avoiding the gameplay from running smoothly.

Finding announced patchinfos in forum would also be great.
I supposse this patch is for Rhea´s problem, but hope there will be no week patches for thargoid content, because there will be no more mysterious content, we will know there is something new with every patch.

Edit: The patch note´s writter is going to be fired...

Rhea already got nerfed 24 hrs ago, you now only get at best 100k per person but in a beluga 128 seats its still 20-30 mil per trip...for me anyways.
Quite puzzling for FD to post in game messages but not follow up on the forum? Can't the same person just pick up the phone and call the guy in the cubicle next to him and ask him to post to the forum???
Also Mission-Fix ?

Greetings commanders,

Hopefully your recent endeavors in Elite have been.....eventful and mysterious! We are taking the Elite servers down at 8PM UK / 3PM East US time for a quick update.

The downtime should last no more than 15 minutes - if not, i will be back here updating this thread with a status update.

Below are the patch notes...

Fix for a hull reinforcement package incorrectly providing caustic resistance

Beluga Liner
Fixed some incorrect preview thumbnails and names for the Beluga Expedition Paint Jobs

Stability Fixes
Fixed an issue that was causing players to disconnect when attempting to load into game near a station

I hope also the missions will be fixed....
Missions where I have to scan planet first to get the location of the bad boy is not working.
When I go to the system and it tells me "Missionobject detected" and I drop in, there is only a security ship with another "clean" guy.... thats it...
They did say that 2.4 was going to be added/upgraded in phases. The first Thargoid kill was only a couple of days ago. Time for more hardy Thargoid ships perhaps?
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