200 hour player searching for group.

Hello. Ive been playing this game on and off, i never really focused on pvp but i would want to. I did mostly mining and derping around with people. I really like tactical stuff so i would hope to find a group of people that like pvp,mining,exploring and just chilling sometimes. I live in EU and really like this game. Iam willing to learn and teach other people if necessaryi love RP and i dont like ganking and griefing.
Hi there Greg.
I'd like to introduce you to the Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps. (ARRC for short)

We are a possibly one of the biggest, small Player Minor Factions. We are a well established group with a presence in over 30 of the "Old Worlds"
Our base of operations is in our home system of Zaonce, Ridley Scott station.
The home of the Zaonce Fleet and the Bank of Zaonce.
Our systems include Arque, the new home of Professor Palin and Tionisla, where the famous Ships Graveyard is reputed to bear permanent monument to many a brave pilot.
We really don't mind who you are or where you come from. If you want to be our friends and allies then you will be.
Better still. Why not join us?

A lot of us were here in '84 and as far as game play goes we moslty bimble about engaging in pretty much whatever come to mind.

Our activities include PVE exploration
PvP in Arque protecting commanders looking for Prof. Palin against gank squads.
PvP in a training group called "Fighter Club" (See my signature. No membership required)
Thargoid hunting in the Pleiades
Racing SLFs, SRVs and other vehicles in odd and remote locations
Driving SRVs into space stations...

Well you get the idea. Pretty much anything that's fun.
Join our forum thread and lend us your ideas.

Background Simulation or Powerplay?
Yes we also involve ourselves in the Background Simulation and Powerplay aspects of the game. Flipping systems for the Alliance, fighting to keep or control systems etc.

You pretty much couldn't find a more friendly bunch of commanders with an eye for fun and a taste for adventure always on the lookout for new and exciting things to try.

Come along and give us a go. Join our Discord channel or the Fighter Club thread, or you could apply on INARA where you will find our Faction page.

Time zone is GMT UK but we are to be found online pretty much any time.
We are actively seeking Console players, and players in the US to boost our PS4 and Xbox divisions.

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Hi Greg

I would like to direct you to the squadron I am a member of, the Angels of Death. Our main recruitment thread can be found here; https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/aod-angels-of-death-multi-game-clan-with-over-3000-members-pve-bgs-in-game-faction-pvp-no-murder-griefing.507112/
By checking out the link you will see what are Squadron is all about and the values we hold dear. With members from every time zone including CET, UK & APAC, you will always find someone to fly with no matter the time of day you normally play.

As for PvP! If you would like to learn we have several experts in the field, most are currently patrolling the current CG to hunt gankers. PvP does require extensive engineering and practice to become competent however so do not expect to be able to dive right in. We do run regular events, some of the shenanigans being PvP related, you can check these out in our recruitment thread.

Personally I stick with PvE combat, pushing the minor faction we have in the game is a lot of fun for me. Currently fighting for control of our 20th system, there is always plenty to do on the BGS side of the game.

Hope you find the home your looking for! I think Angels of Death ticks all your boxes! Hope to see you soon!

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