Patch Notes Update 3.0 Open Beta - Patch Notes

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Without having even Tested it, I can suggest 2 improvements.

1. Comparison menu for converting modules from the old system to the new. This would include modules current stats vs max potential on the new system. Then players can make an informed choice.

2. Updated UI for Engineers when viewing the Right Panel. Present UI shows 2 modules the Engineer will upgrade. This UI should show ALL modules that particular Engineer upgrades and to what level.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship's hull could render over weapons (Type 7 and Type 9)
  • Adjusted the pilot illumination so it proves less distracting when using VR
  • Increased the power distributor slot to size 7
YAY!!!!! thanks FD!!!!!
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Hey Brett,

Quick question on: Galaxy Map: Filters added for Thargoid & Guardian sites

Will this only be showing sites that have been discovered by players or is it going to show all sites all over the galaxy?
"Players can now listen to the news in their own language while they play!"

My own language but only if the language is officially supported by the game?
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