News A big thanks to you all!

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Thanks for everything you've done for this fabulous game. Very much appreciated Michael [yesnod]

Good luck with Project-X and have fun :)
Best of luck! We'll miss the enthusiasm, the knowledge of things astronomical, the beard (NOT the axe, that was scary).

Wish you well with the new project. Can we get involved as kickstarters or something? At least let us know.. wait. Did you say an IMPERIAL ship? On yer bike ya Imperial scum.

p.s. Can it be a coincidence that you're leaving just weeks/months before the Aliens arrive? I'm not saying you're turning brave Sir Robin... but are they that bad?
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MB fleeing to Colonia just as the Thargoids arrive!! That isn't a good sign for those of us in Red Shirts left behind!!

On a more serious note, THANKS SO MUCH for all your time and effort that's gone toward ED. You'll truly be missed!! Best Wishes for a continued wonderful career.
Really sad to see you (and your brief replies!) moving on to pastures new but a huge thanks for your direction of ED over the years.

I did suspect something when I recently started seeing your doppelgänger on my lunchtime walks from my office in Bristol - him and a Jeremy Corbyn lookalike wearing a Corbyn t-shirt on election day (I jest not!)

Hmm.... Lave Radio has a theory that the "secret project" is Thomas the Tank Engine.... Michael Brookes moving to work on it makes that particular hype train look much more likely ;-)

Michael, do please keep writing your science fiction. I've been enjoying Sun Dragon and the Tau Ceti Misssion stories! And good luck with "the secret project" too.
So long Micheal, and good luck on the new IP game. Your presence will certainly be missed in the Canonn thread.
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