News A big thanks to you all!

Sad day, it feels like an end of an era. All the best in the new role. I hope I get as much enjoyment out of that game as I have out of ED. Many thanks for all you have done and especially those weekly dev updates which are now sorely missed
For a second there I thought that Mr Brooks was leaving Frontier, and my heart nearly stopped ! :eek:

I won't wish you good luck, for I know you don't need any.

Godspeed in your new endeavours and see you in the black cmdr. <o
Wish you all the best on your new project hope it goes well. Had the pleasure of meeting you at Elite Meet 2016. Wondering now who is going to be taking over and hoping they are on the same wavelength.
Ohhh memories. Michael was first guy to communicate with us on Kickstarter. That was something. Neither he or we knew how this will turn out.

Guys, all you have done is being either beautiful or interesting or both. Can't wait to see new secret project. It is also exciting to see FD to growh in strength and franchises. Keep them coming! We will keep playing! ;)

Have fun Michael! And ohh see you out there in Elite :D
I wish you the best of luck on the new project Michael, and I'm sure we're all mighty curious to see what it is.

Thank you for your passion for ED, and for being an active part of the community. Can we have one last live stream please? Bring the axe.

Have fun, and see you in the black Commander o7

P.s if this is Tj'a fault we'll maybe need to borrow the axe.....
Been a pleasure Michael, remember when you started dumping out those Huge CSV files for first found systems? Hehe... I still have them... good times!

Fly safe!

Hi everyone,

I’ve worked at Frontier now for over 14 years, and in that time I’ve had the pleasure on working on a diverse range of projects. In fact of all the games we’ve released in that time there’s only three I’ve not worked on in some capacity! The most significant of which was Elite Dangerous. Since becoming involved in the Kickstarter, and the subsequent development it’s been a major factor not only in my professional life, but in my social one as well. As with any multi-project company people occasionally move between games, and it’s with great pleasure (and some sadness) that I can let you know that I’m moving onto the secret project we announced a few months ago. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and another game I’m proud to be involved with. While I will miss not being so closely involved in Elite, I’ll still be playing the game regularly and participating in the community where I can – I’m currently making my way to Colonia in my Imperial Courier :)

I should emphasise that this doesn’t affect Elite’s future. Development will continue with its large and active development team. The production team remains exactly the same with a new addition to the production team and they’re all a more than capable crew, and of course David remains a key decision maker for the game. I’m looking forward to 2.4’s release – there’s some very cool stuff in there! And that is nothing compared to what lies further in the future.

I’d also like to thank the community for your involvement. Since the game was first announced it’s been a pleasure to join you in a shared enthusiasm. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you in person, and it’s always a great feeling to appreciate the passion that you have for the game. I think the first Lavecon will always stand out as a key moment, but there have been many others since the game’s release, and it’s always great to see some of the things like epic rescues and community events that take place in our galaxy. I will be attending Lavecon again this year as a fan of Elite and to meet with old friends and the fantastic community. Naturally I’ll keep an eye on the forums and pop in from time to time!

So thanks to you all, and I may see you in the black...

All the best in your new role and on your "secrete project" :-D

And thanks for all your hard work on Elite!
Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear that we are losing you on the Elite Dangerous side of things, but good luck with the new challenge. I'm very curious to see what Frontier Developments has in the bag with that third IP.

As someone who has been working on different projects within the same company for most of my career, I know what it's like to move from one project to the next, especially if you liked the people you worked with and were passionate about the project. It's never easy.

I hope you've made sure that your successor has been thoroughly briefed on the onerous and rowdy bunch that is the Elite Dangerous community, though the lack of a name makes me wonder if you guys even told him/her yet. That would be a nasty surprise to spring on someone! ;)
Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear you're moving off the Elite: Dangerous team, but I'm glad you're still working at Frontier so you haven't really gone.

I look forward to hearing about this secret project, when we're allowed, and I know that you will be a valuable person on the team working on that project.

It was always a pleasure meeting you at Lavecon and Fantasticon. I look forward to seeing you again this weekend at Lavecon.

All the best on the secret project and thank you for all your hard work on Elite: Dangerous.

CMDR Taimaru
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