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The largest clock ever built, at the top of the third tallest tower in the world.

The four-sided Mecca clock, measuring 43 meters by 43 meters, is the largest in the world and weighs around 36000 tons. It is 35 times bigger than Big Ben in London.

The clock is covered with 100 million glass mosaic tiles.

The Clock Tower is the main building of a complex of seven towers, comprising about 3,000 hotel rooms and apartments.

The clock is surmounted by an arrow of 128 meters with a golden crescent of 23 meters high.

21000 green and white lamps on the top of the clock are flashing with each call to the five prayers of the day. They are visible 30 km away.

The clock itself is illuminated by two million LED lamps

The clock houses a museum about the universe, galaxies etc ...

I did not know this clock; I'm impressed. :oops:

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