a few ideas

1. corporation ride sponsors. they would offer you a contracts that would either cover your ride costs or pay a rent fee for the ride and both would give you a choice of theme items and pay you a fee for the advertisement.
2. stage show and vip guests if you place a stage show down it would let vip guests like the ones from rct3 visit your park and do a show to entertain your guests and your park entertainers could do shows and meet a greats and your security guards could do a park safety show.
3. let park staff buy food and drinks for an employee discount
4. ride attendants should be like shop staff and can be trained or fired.
5. give an option to upgrade your janitors with the thrillville backpack vacuum cleaners it make them happier with the job and less likely to quit.
6. have a option in the park entrance for no refunds with a park rating penalty.
7. park value money should be able to used for stocks in your park.
8. bring back the pass port stamp machines from rct3 that would encourage guests to explore the park looking for them.
9. add information for rides rollercoasters and track rides that give a description of the ride like and advertisement from a manufacture.
what do y'all think?[big grin]
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Especially nr.1 and 3 would need complete rework of economy system in the game. Otherwise it would make the game even more easier than it is now.
6. have a option in the park entrance for no refunds with a park rating penalty.
Have a raincheck option on rides -- guest can come back later without paying again (if there's a priority queue set up they can use it that time). This would prevent (or at least alleviate) refund drop when a ride breaks down.
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