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Hi everyone!

We're pleased to announce free update 1.9 is live on all platforms right now, which includes a brand new dinosaur!

The Nasutoceratops is the newest dinosaur to come to Jurassic World Evolution, with bull like horns that help to protect her against any predators who may attack! Alongside this fantastic new dinosaur we've fixed up some bugs to ensure your playing experience remains as smooth as ever. Full release notes can be found below:

Release Notes
  • Dinosaurs
    • Added the Nasutoceratops
    • Fixed a situation where a park could become potentially immune to disease
    • Fixed Troodon and Olorotitan fossil contracts from being offered too early during the main Campaign
  • Buildings
    • Autocancel active research if the research centres requirement is not met. Add an extra line when deleting research centres to warn of this
  • Stability
    • Fixed tutorial soft lock
  • UI
    • Fixed incorrect dinosaur label when attempting to transport a dinosaur immediately after being notified that a Ranger/ACU tasks are full
    • After deleting a save, remain on the same tab on the load/save UI, don't switch back to the default tab
    • Palaeobotany feeder UI will now automatically close the more details tab to avoid focus issues
    • Fixed erroneous 'medication successful' message when medication is not researched
Thank you for your support!
fun fact, BiS pointed out that there are still three unknown DLCs coming out. It was originally thought that one is for presumably the big DLC possibly in December (Most speculate a '93 dlc), the second possibly being an herbivore dino pack (Pachyrhinosaurus, mussaurus, charnosaurus) and the last was thought to be a battle at big rock pack with the nasuto in it. Interesting enough after the 1.9 update it turns out that this is a separate unexpected release altogether meaning that there are still three dlcs coming up.
Note that this has a link with those toys : https://jurassicoutpost.com/what-is...eal-mysterious-jurassic-world-spin-off-title/ (of course JWE already had the allosaurus from the Fallen Kingdom free update)

Something's up :D

well "battle at big rock" is a short film featuring both allosaurus and nasutoceratops battling each other. It was supposed to be an opening short for some movie call hobbs and something but when the movie came out the short did not show. For unknown reasons it was not used for that movie and people have been speculating as why. We know that it isnt scrapped or abandoned because it should be done but we are not sure as to why there is a delay in its release. The nasutoceratops was presumably supposed to come out when the short released but I am guessing Frontier got the go to release it ahead. Maybe they are trying to get hype for it? I mean its supposed to be a short 15 minute film so I dont know why they would need to generate hype for it unless they are doing something bigger with it now.
Hey, I can't open any of my savefiles. The game loads fine but all savegames just seem to freeze at the loading screen. Could this be a bug? (I wouldn't mind having a substantial update that affects them, but I doubt this is the case xd)
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