A new park from Wagi and citytrader

Continuing our tour of Disney's America, the next land we will visit is the iconic Liberty Square!

Entrance to Liberty Square from Patriot Plaza;


Paul Revere loves entertaining the crowds;


The centerpiece of Liberty Square is the recreation of Independence Hall, which houses the Hall of Presidents. The square has the Liberty Tree, with 13 lanterns hung, representing the 13 colonies.


One of the most popular restaurants in Disney's America is Gadsby's Tavern serving up colonial and contemporary faire;


The Christmas Shoppe;


A few small snack stations;


A carryover from my last iteration of DA, the E ticket attraction for Liberty Square is the famous Boston Tea Party;


The queue carries you through a typical colonial seaport;



The ride itself;



Bench 1 for Disney's America is undergoing final testing and will be released within a couple of weeks!
Sorry for the lack of updates, but we have (or more acurately Wagi has) been working hard!

The final area of bench one that we have to explore is the Expedition of Discovery area, Saint Louis in 1803.


This bucolic area of the park is rolling farmland and has almost a wild west feel to it;




The E ticket attraction here is of course the Expedition of Discovery water ride. We will be joining Lewis and Clark as they explore the Loiusiana Territory and find a northwest passage to the Pacific. Let's take a look;


Our expedition leaves Fort DuBois in Saint Louis;


The beautiful buffalo cover the Great Plains;


Leaving the Great Plains and entering the Rockies;



A small Native American village;



Climbing to the top of the Rocky Mountains. It's pretty cold!


More to come soon!
I'm loving this project. It's giving me some serious nostalgic memories from back in the day with your Disney America when it was in RCT3
The slowness of the bench is mostly on my part! Work has been really intense this fall, and I just don't have the mental energy when I get home!

Anyway, after a few more twists and turns, you arrive at the Oregon territory!

A bear encounter;


Another view of the Yellowstone hot springs;


Entering the Pacific Northwest;


Arriving at Fort Clatsop in Oregon Territory!

When you enter the ride you are at Camp Dubois, where Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery set out northeast of St Louis. The ride then somewhat follows their journey across the plains, through the Rockies, then down to the Pacific Ocean where you arrive at Fort Clatsop - which is the same fort station by operateur with signage with the other name pointed in that direction.

The ride isn't totally historically accurate, I believe they explored the Yellowstone area on their way back...
Just beyond St. Louis 1804, you come into A Gathering of Nations, which depicts Native American customs and traditions before the arrival of the Europeans.


Many different nations are represented;




The area also has a few family friendly rides themed toward Native America;




Next up, the Gold Rush 1849!
Passing back through St.. Louis, we head over to the California Gold Rush of 1849!


Welcome to Gold Rush;


Gold Rush is a recreation of a typical boom town of the 1849 era;





A small food court;


You can even pan for gold!



More to come!
Heading to the other side of 1849, you pass a dentist's office/barber shop where guests can have their teeth pulled for free!


Found this great quick draw ride on the workshop, and dressed it up a bit and it fit in with our theme perfectly! Very special thanks to St1jn1978 for the use of this great ride and facade!




A nicely themed Tornado ride separates two roads;



Another "E" Ticket attraction next!
A recreation of Sutter's Mill highlights our E ticket attraction;


A log flume, of course!


The flume climbs high into the Sierra Nevada Mountains;


Even through old caves and hollows in the mountains;




Before splashing back down!



One more stop in 1849, then it's time to "Meet me in Saint Louis, Louis, Meet me at the Fair"!
First of three benches of Disney's America created by Wagi and citytrader finally released!

This park is very graphics intensive. The files for the pictures are located here;

Most pictures have a DA prefix attached, so should be easily deleted if you wish to.

The park is a monster and thus has been split into three benches. Bench One takes almost fifteen minutes to load on my fairly new machine! This part of the park includes the Entrance area, Liberty Square, Sleepy Hollow, 1876 Philadelphia Exposition, St. Louis 1804 including the Lewis and Clark River Raft ride, Native America, and 1849 the Gold Rush.

The other two benches may be released during our lifetimes, but no guarantees!!!

Make sure you download Wagi's eight million pieces of CS developed for the park! Not a lot is needed for this first bench, but moving forward...

Finally, a very special thinks to anyone who contributed time, effort, or ideas to our project. And of course any Workshop items we used, which are referenced throughout this thread.

Please like and comment!

Ok, first - love the park. This just blows me away!!! And 3 benches - seriously? Maybe some day I'll get to see it all.
Second - Shyguy's World?? Darn...I stopped playing RCT waaaay too long ago. And I see he's still around? And Wabigbear??? How old are we?
Well, I'm absolutely loving the work around here. Huge thumbs up!!!
Hey Larry! Long time no see! Good to see you picking up PC now! :D

Truthfully this project will for sure be on at least FOUR benches...perhaps even five by the time we finish! Three of them are pretty much complete, two others at least half done...

Yep, shyguy's is still up and running. As for ages, well, Rich is old enough that his Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Park is all based on personal memories. Myself - I'm still in my early 30's...again.

Thanks for the nice comments and it's really great to see you back playing again!

Bench Two of Disney's America is not very large, in fact it only covers two lands, but they are very impressive lands indeed!

The bulk of the work on this bench was done by Wagi. I think I created the one popcorn cart in the corner! Seriously, this bench will hopefully transport you back in time to the amazing World's Fair of Saint Louis in 1904! Still considered one of the greatest World's Fairs of all time, and it actually turned a profit!

The Disney Imagineers worked tirelessly to recreate the essence of the Fair. Guests start their journey by crossing the river into the fairgrounds;



They then arrive at a reproduction of the Pike, a mile long cavalcade of wonder and whimsy, where you could witness Creation, go to the Afterlife, travel by balloon to the North Pole, follow a river through the Tyrolean Alps, or travel by rail through the wilds of Siberia.

Here are a few attractions painstakingly recreated for Disney's America;

Ride through Siberia by train;


Dive into the depths of the ocean on the Submarine Ride;


Meet Jim Key, the educated horse. His promoters claimed that the horse could read and write, make change with money, do arithmetic for "numbers below thirty," and cite Bible passages "where the horse is mentioned."


More of the Pike next time!
Actually most of The Pike was Rich's work in this section, I just filled in a few spots!
While this is not a 'totally faithful recreation' of the building of the 1904, hopefully we've been able to create something in the same style. This was a fun, yet challenging, part of the park to create...
Hereafter was a ride through Heaven and Hell;


Next to the Hereafter was the Wireless Telegraph tower that broadcast all the way to Pittsburgh!


The Battle Abbey had large tableaus of great military battles throughout history. It was one of the only attractions that lost money during the fair;


The large two level Popcorn Hall;

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