Newcomer / Intro A note to: You know who you are! ;)

Greetings and sincere commiserations to you good folks on the Island!

I just wanted to send a heartfelt note of thanks to the numerous people who again and again and again, are helping out newbies here in this section of the forum. About a year ago, short before we moved our stuff 750km to a new place, I got nore into Elite and after the move even more, and often had to come here asking questions. Oh, and I still do on occasion!

You will notice quickly that a group of people are always answering questions patiently and are very helpful and knowledgable. It is them that are the lifeblood of this Universe, and I freely admit, without their help, I would have lost patience with the learning curve.

I did not want to mention names, because I am sure I would forget the one or other, but surely you will know who you are. I wish you a very peaceful and happy time with family, friends and loved ones.

Thanks a lot for helping out here! Frontier owes you, big time, and they know it!

Now, last but not least, where is my "IN VERREM" carrier? My AspX, Fer de Lance, Phantom, Conda and two Corvettes are tired of being hauled by external services, they need a home.... now! :)

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