A question for the devs regarding TMT workshop items

That is some great data! I can do some confirming on the unsubscribe thing, but I think it'll just be the same as what you've found.

One additional thing I noticed - In my test park where I placed the red and blue objects, I had said that the objects both became blue after I had uploaded the blue object over the red one in the Workshop.

After deleting the object from the workshop, both objects remain in my park (because I have the original, separate red and blue.pcugc files I downloaded from the TMT), but both objects in my park remain blue like the final test object.

I thought that was kind of interesting, though I'm not sure how relevant it is for any real-world situation.
Sorry for the little delay of my test result. The cube was not longer in the scene. I've got a message in Planco, that a Toolkit item is missing and if I want to try to download it again. then another message appear, which told me, that the object must be deleted or renamed by the creator.

Hope that helps.
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