Acronym Superthread

Hm, nice find, the acronym thread, I just added one it didn't have. :)

TLB - Target Lock Breaker (Special Effect for Plasma Accelerators)
Our guilds tag in guild wars 1 was BIAS.
Banana in a sock.
A 55 year old woman thought this up. RIP
OH: The FSS should have been named. F.F.S.
Here’s one Cmdr Nutter made earlier.

Being a PS4 exclusive player, this statement unsettles me. please, go into detail.
There once was a man name Lloyd, who's Adder was as big as a.... Anyway, just look at the activity in the PS4 forums two years ago (particularly developer participation) and compare it to this year. Same goes with patch notes (realizing that the recent and very few "fixed XYZ bug on PS4" didn't actually fix XYZ bug), and the picture will draw itself.
I was just under the impression that as game designers they're amazing but as far as keeping up with their games they're kind of trash. Gta had more updates its first year than elite has had since realease, with vehicle modifications and paint jobs bought with in-game currency (same with every game I've played except elite).

That in mind I don't think Rockstar could have made elite dangerous. But I'm sure they could have kept up with it a lot better. this is the type of thing PS4 players look for in games so if the developers take five years to put something into a game, that game is not even in anybody's mind by the time those updates go into place. Seriously 5 years later should be a new game not a new update.

I suppose this is all severely off topic and I'm not trying to sound argumentative, but that's definitely why PS4 users have been finding other things to do. Maybe fdev needs to step up their update scheduling.
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