Add Custom Coaster Lighting

Hello all, I am a very big Planet Coaster fan and I have been playing for a long time. I think that one of the biggest things I would love to see would be an ability to have lighting on coasters on tracks or in custom ways. I saw a bunch of pictures of people doing it themselves with colorable flood lights around the coaster, but this is tedious and you have to have hundreds of lights around the coaster to do it. I would love if you could do some sort of lighting option with coaster lighting or lighting on lifts or something to make it more realistic and cool looking. For example, I have created a sample park to demonstrate some of what I mean with those colorable flood lights, which I have attached a screenshot here of, and this took me a very long time to get the lights in the right position to be able to light the whole track, and took many many hours to complete, but I wanted to show exactly what I meant by this. Do you think that something like this would be possible, or some sort of lighting you could design on coasters without just using a bunch of little lights?
Planet Coaster Light Test (5).png
Great idea - especially if there was a toggle so you could light certain parts of a track (in the same way you can place catwalks on track)
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