Add/Delete Items from Shops

It might be good to have a + or - for shop items.

For example - balloons.

It would be great to allow the balloon stall only sell ONE colour of balloons. I know I could set them all to be the same (a quick fix, I suppose) but if I could stop selling so many different types, that would be great.

I use this as:
1) It's sort of like a souvenir from that ride, if I have it near the ride.
2) I use it to monitor how many guests have visited that area of the park.

As I say, I know I could set them all at black, or red or whatever, but being able to sell just one, at one colour would be easier. So have a maximum number of "items" you can sell at that stall, or a munimum. the same could work for other shops too.
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