Add New Version of object / Reload Program?

Just checking. When you add a new version of your model, is there any way to avoid having to reload PlanCo from scratch to see the revision in game? Refresh seems to only find new items, not revisions if you never left sandbox while adding a new version.
This is a problem, and I hope they once can fix this, but at the moment the only good way for me is to give another name or index in the TMT for the new revision: E.g. cube-v01, cube-v02, etc.
Then you can load the "cube-v02" without restarting Planco when you press the refresh button. But you will have then cube-v01 and cube-v02 in your scenery items.

As long as I'm tweaking the object I go that way, once its fine I make again a revision without the "vxx", which is then the final version. The others I delete from the sandbox and later from the planco tmt folder again once the game is stopped.

That seems to be the an appropriate way. Any better idea?

This approach at least has one advantage as you can compare the revisions ingame.
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I just started doing it that way tonight. . I was afraid I'd have a build up of test objects and slow down the game load, but heck, since I'm remaining in-game, that shouldn't be a concern. To think how many hours I've already wasted exiting and restarting. Sounds like this is the norm for now. Thanks, CSL![up]
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